After the Lies

After the Lies

Mandessa Selby

Language: English

Pages: 215

ISBN: 1600430546

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When the U.S. government promises Callie Payne and her tribe of Black Seminoles parcels of land in return for service with the U.S. Cavalry as scouts, Callie disguises herself as a man and signs on, hoping the government will finally keep it's promises. Falling in love is the last thing Callie needs. Lucien Delacroix hides a dangerous secret. The son of a wealthy white plantation owner and his quadroon mistress, Luc knows the only way he can survive is to pass for white. He doesn't expect his attraction to the lowly scout, Callie. As their desire heats up, they both discover that deceit is the least of their worries. Caught together during the Indian wars in Texas in 1873, Luc and Callie fight not only for survival, but for redemption, as well. They discover that two people from vastly different backgrounds can overcome anything … as long as there are no lies between them

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other side of the corral, Callie struggled to drag Esme’s trunk up to the front door of Luc’s quarters. He should have assigned a man to help his sister unload her luggage, but had forgotten to tell Reggie. “Now you know the truth.” General Hammond rubbed his eyes. “I don’t want to retire with this stain on my record.” “I still can’t believe you of all people are thinking of retiring.” The General chuckled. “I think its about high time I find myself a wealthy young wife and start having myself

uneducated half-breed like herself who was better at being a boy than she would ever be at being a woman. She turned away from the window. Tears welled up in her eyes and she brushed them away impatiently. She left the group of wide-eyed children and stepped down onto the gravel. Footsteps sounded on the wooden planks of the veranda and a flame flashed. In the flare, Callie saw Luc as he lit his cigarette. The smoke of his cigarette was a fragrant cloud about his head. Callie stood in the

marry? Was this trip was just an excuse to get him there. Not that I mind, he’s one of my best officers and he needs a good wife if he is to rise further in the ranks.” “Perhaps he will find love in New Orleans, but our father is more important.” She slid her arm around his. “But let us talk of more pleasant things.” On the overland trip from Corpus Christi, she had almost told the general the truth about her and Luc, but didn’t. Luc had built a life he wanted in the army and Esme would do

anything.” He had almost decided to tell her when she shook her head. “I know plenty.” She slid to the side and stood up, staring down at him. “You let me let me.” And she was gone, disappearing into the dark as though she were a part of it. Luc sat up and rubbed his throat trying to gather the threads of his dignity. He stood and scanned the ghostly landscape. She was nowhere to be seen. He wouldn’t be surprised if she left him. He was behaving less than honorably. But he couldn’t seem to stop

is getting them all married off and that’s going to cost him. They is not pretty. And then his wives. I don’t know how he can get such ugly children from such pretty girls. I think they take one look at them ugly babies and keel over. Mr. Jonas has lost himself a pack of wives. Not a one of them twenty yet. And they get younger and younger. He’s got his eye on a pretty little thing and she’s sixteen if she’s a day. Don’t even want to be in the same room with him. Took them for a carriage ride and

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