Aereality: Essays on the World from Above

Aereality: Essays on the World from Above

William L. Fox

Language: English

Pages: 350


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


PART 1: Out West
1 Targeting
2 Earthworks
3 The Pit . . .
4 . . . and the Stack
5 The Horizontal City
6 The Angels of Mulholland Drive
7 Surveillance


PART 2: Back East
8 Time Flies By
9 The 9/11 Trail
10 The Vertical City
11 Ground Truth


PART 3: Down Under
12 Mount Kosciuszko: 2,228 Meters (7,310 Feet)
13 Pennyroyal
14 Lake Eyre: 49 Feet Below Sea Level
15 Lake Eyre: 4,500 Feet Above Sea Level
16 Alice Springs
17 Over Canberra . . . and Los Angeles

Quarterly Essay 55 a Rightful Place: Race, Recognition and a More Complete Commonwealth

Cultural Studies

Master and Servant: Love and Labour in the English Industrial Age (Cambridge Social and Cultural Histories)




















status to the aerial view, coupled with the passion of the writers, makes for an effective document. As we turn east toward Salt Lake City and parallel the long embankment of the tailings, I think about Hansen’s book and the photo that Mike didn’t take, the one that would have juxtaposed so neatly the wetlands with the stack. It’s all about intervening ground, and what in a few years will perch between our position just north of I-80 and the Bingham Pit, that master-planned development of

rise to the first template for a Lakewood development, which included a golf course, streets laid out in graceful Arcadian curves, and plots for large houses, what today would be marketed as luxury homes for business people commuting into downtown. Only four houses were built to the original plan, however, and by the end of the war a modest development of approximately 1,300 smaller working-class houses existed on the property, an enclave for white workers from the nearby Douglas Aircraft Company

navigate, run search patterns, and discern pollen or prey. Much of the research has to do with boundary contrasts, pattern discernment, and some of the same principles that govern how humans look at landscapes, photos of landscapes, and maps. If that seems a bit circular, it’s meant to. Aereality [FIN].qx6 126 1/13/09 12:58 PM Page 126 A E R E A L I T Y A short history of vision is in order. Multicelled organisms developed sensitivity to light—rising in the oceans to follow it while the

required by certain security concerns to leave some areas fuzzed out, the technology will make the terrain surrounding singular tall structures, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, pull up into an apparent hill when none exists. But the main limitation is that the service can only use a general perspective as the basis for the imagery—that is, vertical views facing, in essence, the center of the earth under the selected location of interest. You can make it seem as if you’re flying over

This is not a photograph about the people—they are completely anonymous—but an important formalist scheme he would use throughout his life. It echoes one he did on assignment in 1929 for the fortieth anniversary of the most famous monument in Paris. Shadows of the Eiffel Tower was taken looking down from the observation deck on the first level almost 190 feet up, and onto pedestrians crossing the plaza beneath its legs. The Keystone Photo Service invited Kertész to New York City on a oneyear

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