Adventures of a Young Man: A Novel

Adventures of a Young Man: A Novel

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1504015517

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a novel that closely parallels author John Dos Passos’s own ideological struggles during the Spanish Civil War, protagonist Glenn Spotswood, an American, travels to Spain to fight on the Republican side. There, Spotswood joins the Communist Party to help establish a more just society, but his idealism quickly degrades under the stress of party orthodoxy and hypocrisy.

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table had been set with a punchbowl and bottles and glasses, and another with plates of sandwiches. A tall yellow man with a completely shaved head was pouring vodka into a tumbler and handing it to Marice who was looking up at him laughing with her mouth open. Behind them Jane Sparling, in a gray dress falling off one shoulder that was almost an evening dress, was busily slicing a ham. Glenn walked up to her with his hand out. “Well, look who’s here,” she said with a snort and went on with her

Golden, who this morning was already at his desk chewing his always unlit cigar, and reading his mail. They shouted Goodmorning to him, and Glenn slid into the chair at the typewriter by the window that the partition cut in the middle. He shoved in a piece of yellow paper and began: In the name of the class war prisoners and the long list of martyrs of the workingclass in their long heartbreaking fight for a decent society where a worker will get the true value of his labor … we protest against

it. “It means our season at Winnesquam is ruined. It will be impossible for us to meet our indebtedness.… The loss of the summer’s profit means ruin, the end of Winnesquam,” he was intoning in a singsong voice. He stopped dead in his tracks when he caught sight of Glenn and Paul and pointed a shaking finger at them. “This is the result of your carelessness, young men … still I shall not be hasty … I shall not allow myself to be hasty.” Paul’s face got red and his jaw set with a click. Glenn just

international relations. It seemed a pretty hopeless task sometimes, sowing grains of mustardseed, often it was hard to keep his faith in humanity. “After all, Dad, I suppose if I find the job too tough for me I can always get out,” Glenn drawled, feeling himself weakening. “Most assuredly,” said Dad cheerfully, “we all have to try out a number of things before we can find the right career for ourselves. You can live at Aunt Harriet’s and save up your money.” Dad went on, as they drank their

union, they’d see they had to let the miners live. Next thing he’d like to get him some kind of little old car, that old flivver belonged to Joe Kusick who let him run it on account of the union, poor ole Joe, he just had to be interested in the union because the miners owed him so much on their store accounts that they just had to have wages to pay him back. “I been a workin’ man all my life. I git to feel ornery jus’ hangin’ around.” “Hain’t it work organizin’ the union?” asked Wheatly,

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