Adele: The Biography (Updated Edition)

Adele: The Biography (Updated Edition)

Chas Newkey-Burden

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 146831338X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The newly revised, definitive account of the Grammy-winning soul singer’s life story, illustrated with 16 color photos and now fully updated to include the making of her eagerly anticipated new album, 25

After years of rumors, Adele’s long-awaited third album 25 was finally announced in late 2015, and with it came claims that she was to single-handedly “save the music industry.” Such is the influence of Adele―a young mother from north London with the most powerful voice in the world. Adele’s breathtaking songs have seen her top the charts in over 30 countries, collect millions of admirers, and win dozens of top awards. But who is she? Her commendable desire to protect her family and friends from the harsh glare of the media’s spotlight has meant that she has become one of the most private superstars on the planet.

Adele: The Biography traces her story from a humble childhood in London through to the phenomenal success of her first two albums, 19 and 21, and the making of her most recent work, 25. Along the way, this unique book uncovers how her troubled private life influenced her heartbreaking tracks and how she overcame a string of obstacles that threatened to derail her career. You will discover the fascinating truth behind all the highs and the lows experienced by this fun, formidable woman, whose songs have become national anthems for the heartbroken. In this fully updated edition of his internationally-bestselling biography, Chas Newkey-Burden reveals the woman behind the music.

16 color photographs

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personality: if I start something I don’t stop. I smoke 30 cigarettes a day, I drank a lot in the past. I know I would go on to other things and I don’t want that.’ Instead, her wildest social plans involved the desire to go to a novelty party at a nightclub. ‘I wanna go to a foam party in a wetsuit – no one will notice me,’ she laughed. ‘Apparently people get naughty.’ It is understandable that Adele felt that the Brits critics’ choice was a mixed blessing for her. ‘I was the critics’ choice

in the raw take on the song that made its way on to 21. ‘I felt quite heavy,’ she said, ‘and that song really set me free.’ She described the recording as ‘stunning’ and ‘amazing’. This was due in part to the fact that she had lost her voice a bit on the day she recorded ‘Lovesong’. She felt that really suited her version. The album’s closer was the iconic ‘Someone Like You’. Here, Adele was at her most gut-wrenching and empathy-inducing. As she said herself, the emotions and sentiments of this

having a romantic relationship were dispelled. ‘I think my own husband started that rumour,’ she joked. She is married to rapper and artist Swizz Beatz. ‘He is so excited, we love Adele!’ Beatz confirmed that he was hot on this idea, adding that he did not care whether he or someone else produced such a collaboration – he simply wanted it to happen so he could enjoy the result. ‘I just thought that, man, this would be a great moment for both of them because they have amazing styles and they both

goes, “Why don’t you just tell him what you want?” I’ll be, like, “Well he should be able to pick it up, to sense it.” I can be stubborn, very, very stubborn, but only in my relationships. I think everything I do is golden, I think I’m Princess Diana.’ Similarly, it would be wrong to describe Adele the person as a musical purist or snob. Some chin-stroking musos have expressed admiration for her classic sound and low-key stage performance but, as we have seen, Adele – as a fan – always loved the

album of all time. There was a certain swagger in the fact that, when she won 12 awards at the 2012 Billboard Awards in Los Angeles, Adele was not even present to collect them. She had been nominated in a staggering 18 categories including Top Artist, Top Female Artist and Top Pop Artist, all three of which were among the dozen she won. Adele’s absence from the awards highlighted again how she differed from many modern celebrities. There was an effortlessness and grace to her fame. In an

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