Addition: A Novel

Addition: A Novel

Toni Jordan

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0061582573

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Often funny, always lovable, this endearing novel of obsessive compulsive disorder and romance is outstanding.”
 —Boston Globe


An absolutely delightful tale of obsessive-compulsive love, Toni Jordan’s Addition is just the ticket for fans of TV’s Monk and readers who were captivated by The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. A wonderfully funny, supremely intelligent debut novel, Addition is “witty fun” (People), while OCD-afflicted heroine Grace and her new-found paramour Seamus are “thoroughly endearing characters, and their romance is sweet and fun” (Washington Post Book World).

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them.’ Then he picks up Nikola’s photo. ‘Is this your grandfather?’ He’s holding it in both hands, so that it faces towards me. I walk towards him and take it out of his hands. ‘No. No, he’s not my grandfather. He’s kind of…my hero.’ ‘I’m guessing he’s not a footballer.’ ‘Nope.’ ‘A dentist? ‘Ah, no.’ I stand there, holding Nikola. ‘Is he…coming to breakfast with us?’ I guess I’ve been holding him too long. ‘No. He doesn’t eat much.’ ‘Then let’s put him back and go. I’m starving.’ I

pancakes I should be in a diabetic coma by noon. ‘What’s that like, sharing with your brothers?’ ‘Shocking. They’re animals. It’s a temporary arrangement. One just broke up with his wife. The other is saving to go overseas. Soon I’ll be rid of them. I love them, but God, this is too much.’ The pancakes come, too fast. As I suspected: pre-made and heated in the microwave. A heart attack on a plate. Seamus eats like a starving man. ‘Two brothers. No sisters?’ He raises his eyebrows. His mouth

restaurants and there are 3 stains on the table cloth: the first quite small, the second bigger and the third an irregular middle-sized splodge in the shape of Tasmania. There are 3 prawn dumplings going cold. Why do they serve them in 3s? 3s is probably the most inconvenient serving size possible. How often do three people go out together for brunch? Two, yes. Four, yes. But three? Perhaps they know you can’t split them evenly so you’re forced to get another steamer, the way small packets of

it. There’s a lot of pressure. And there’s one other teeny problem. I can’t orgasm anymore. I used to be very good at orgasms. Fast and efficient since my adolescence because at any moment my mother could walk into my room without knocking. But now it’s like I’m hiking towards a mountain in the distance and I can see it very clearly, its trees and crevices and snow-capped peak, but no matter how fast I walk the mountain always seems a little bit farther away and I walk faster but now it’s even

difficulty: he had spent the last of Morgan’s money. I walk down Chapel Street, past shoppers whose only dreams are owning more stuff. For Nikola it was never about money or possessions or status. He wrote, pleading, to Morgan who refused to advance another cent. He became depressed and despairing, and avoided his old friends. Nikola’s most important work had come to an end. My work is yet to begin. Larry comes over almost every day after school. Jill doesn’t mind— doesn’t press her as to

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