Adam in Eden

Adam in Eden

Carlos Fuentes

Language: English

Pages: 201

ISBN: 1564787966

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this comic novel of political intrigue, Adam Gorozpe, a respected businessman in Mexico, has a life so perfect that he might as well be his namesake in the Garden of Eden--but there are snakes in this Eden too. For one thing, Adam's wife Priscila has fallen in love with the brash director of national security--also named Adam--who uses violence against token victims to hide the fact that he's letting drug runners, murderers, and kidnappers go free. Another unlikely snake is the little Boy-God who's started preaching in the street wearing a white tunic and stick-on wings, inspiring Adam's brother-in-law to give up his job writing soap operas to follow this junior deity and implore Adam to do the same. Even Elle, Adam's mistress, thinks the boy is important to their salvation--especially now that it seems the other Adam has put out a contract on Adam Gorozpe. To save his relationship, his marriage, his life, and the soul of his country, perhaps Adam will indeed have to call upon the wrath of the angels to expel all these snakes from his Mexican Eden.

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Winner of the National Book Award: A Novel of Fame, Honor, and Really Bad Weather

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sign: A PERVERT LIVES HERE Pervert and perversion are M.A.M.’s favorite words. Their famous advice is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN! They have, indeed, organized themselves to an astonishing degree. In an interview with this newspaper, a young man who calls himself “Orchid” discussed the “precarious state” that has been his life since he came out of the closet. “My friends disappear then turn up dead,” he complained. “I’m too afraid to leave my house, even though my dad says he’d rather have

Adam Gorozpe, I don’t intend to do, I do.” “So, what do you do?” “I fulfill. How do you like that?” “Who, or what do you fulfill?” “My obligations.” “They seem to weigh on you.” “I even fulfill my obligations to my friends. How do you like that?” “Your acquaintances.” “Yes. I can ruin them if I want to. How do you like that?” “Well, go ahead, Señor Góngora. What’s stopping you?” He stood up. He said good-bye. He was already leaving my office when I stopped him and gave him a manly hug.

his moist gaze. “That’s exactly what he says. What the hell does that mean anyway?” “My good Mr. Góngora, that means our common enemy goes by the name of Don Celestino Holguín.” “Your father-in-law,” Góngora says with an appropriateness that must have rubbed off on him from Priscila. “How do you like that?” “But not yours,” I say interrupting Góngora’s daydream. “Let’s see, let’s see how to handle this,” my namesake says, leaning in while I, as though not interested, light a match in his

to. I already gave you everything. And this is how you pay me back, you miserable parasite!” “Verbena!” Priscila says timidly from the fourth step of the staircase. “Doves!” Nobody pays her any mind.“You ought to learn from your brother-in-law Adam” (That’s me and now I am a weapon). “I admire Adam,” Abelardo dares to comment. “Good! Because Adam married your sister so he could move up in the world; he hit the jackpot; he was Mr. Nobody, a beggar, not a pot to piss in, and you see, he knew

And my wife, Priscila, loudly slaps the maid who serves the cocktails. Chapter 2 Again a comet shoots across the sky. I am paralyzed with doubt. Is the bright heavenly body preceded by its own light or does it merely introduce the light? Does the light mark the beginning or the end? Does it presage birth or death? I believe the sun, the greater celestial object, determines whether the comet is a before or after. In other words: the sun is the master of the game; the comets are specks, chorus

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