Acorna's People

Acorna's People

Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Language: English

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ISBN: 0606188096

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Book by Anne McCaffrey

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pain and humiliation. “One way or another, dear ambassador, I will have yours for myself.” This had been too much for her lifemate, who, like other Linyaari present at the pond where she approached the general, was listening. “Leave her alone!” Virii demanded, stepping forward, only to be grabbed by two more of the soldiers. He had spoken in Linyaari, of course, but his meaning was taken by Ikwaskwan, who wagged a scolding finger at him. “I’ll have yours, too, stud. I wonder—are they a pair?

the Manjari empire, but Count Edacki, as the girl’s appointed guardian, had pleaded that the girl was not a criminal and should be left with certain holdings among the Baron’s legitimate enterprises, enough to constitute a solid trust fund for her upkeep, education, and a hefty income for the remainder of her life. Count Edacki secretly suspected the girl also knew of certain secret holdings the government had not yet located. Large holdings, he believed. It was such a difficult job to gain the

Reamer climbed back on it and proceeded to put as much distance as possible between himself and the pile of junk with the squashed androids at the bottom. Reamer was thinking hard as he bombed through the back streets, trying not to make a clear path to the nano-market and his kids. Despite his customarily mellow attitude, education from the school of hard knocks had taught him a healthy amount of street-smart paranoia. Damn the red hair anyway. Between that and his height, he sort of stood out,

according to historical date, in inverse order. We keep very strict records. No one must be offended.” “Of course not,” she said. “I’m afraid I don’t yet have enough of a grasp on how your—our—society works to understand the importance of the order you mention, but I’m sure it’s very fair.” “Actually,” Naarye said with a twinkle, “it’s entirely arbitrary and meant to sound as complicated as possible so that if anyone takes offense because their pennant has not yet been represented, we can make

like.” “Into space—with you? Aren’t you coming back, Khornya?” “I’m not sure,” she said. “But my adopted uncle is out there in trouble.” “So is your aunt, don’t forget, child,” Grandam said, taking Maati by the shoulders. The girl was only partially mollified and later, as Acorna, Aari, and Becker watched the ground from the comscreen, they saw her looking after them as the ship lifted off. Twenty-one The Shahrazad was still transmitting her distress signal when she was boarded.

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