Ace Up My Sleeve

Ace Up My Sleeve

James Hadley Chase

Language: English

Pages: 142


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When three very different people come together, all out for the same thing and prepared to go to any lengths to get it, the stakes are likely to be high. But, for a wealthy middle-aged woman, an international lawyer and a young American, games of bluff and counter-bluff quickly develop into a dangerous and deadly battle. As the action hots up, Chase weaves a fast-moving story of blackmail, intrigue and extortion with a hair-raising climax.

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God mean anything to you?" He stiffened. "Why, sure... God is God." She lifted her shoulders. She didn't really care if he was lying or not. God is God ... how simple it was to say that. Again she felt the hot blood move tormentingly down to her loins. "Tell me about the passport. Who is this man?" "I have his address right here." He took a scrap of paper from his shirt pocket and pushed it across the table. "He's a friend of Ron." He hesitated, then went on, "It costs three thousand

I'm bothering you, just say so and I'll scram." "No ... you're not bothering me." She was furious with herself that her voice sounded so emotional. A fat man, wearing a leather hat with a feather in it brushed against her, making her give ground. A girl in a mini skirt, her fat legs purple with the cold, stepped around her while looking at this big boy who chewed on his gum. Helga felt a thrill of pride that he didn't even look at this girl as she tossed her unwashed hair in passing him.

piano and was gone. But she did worry, wondering what was happening to Larry. The maid, fat, slow and kind, irritated her. She wanted to telephone down to the reception desk and find out just what they were doing with Larry, but with the maid in the room, she felt it would be indiscreet. She was sure Larry was being taken care of, but she did want to know how he was reacting. The maid made a great fuss about drawing the bath, but eventually she left. Helga longed to get into the bath,

paused and stiffened. Had she heard something? She listened again, hearing only the beating of her heart. Moving silently, she went to the bedroom door and opened it. She stood in the open doorway, looking along the lighted corridor, tense, her ears straining. She now could only hear the muffled roar of the motor, driving the central heating and then the slight whirr from the deep freeze cabinet in the kitchen. She frowned, annoyed with herself for imagining odd sounds, then as she was about

fix your marriage ... don't you feel you owe me something?" "No, and you know it! You wanted me married to Herman to be sure of his account!" "Just try leaning over backwards a little. Look, suppose you tell him I suggested investing in Australian nickel. You agreed. The stock began to rise so we plunged two million into it. Suppose you tell him we were gambling on his behalf. Do you think he would buy that?" She hesitated. She realized she couldn't send this man to prison: even now the

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