A Time to Slaughter (Brothers O'Brien)

A Time to Slaughter (Brothers O'Brien)

William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0786031085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century

An epic saga of the O'Briens, father Shamus and his sons Shawn, Patrick, Jacob, and Samuel, homesteaders fighting to survive the untamed Western wilderness. . . A USA Today bestselling author whose novels ring with authenticity and power. . . A thrilling adventure across the border of Mexico--up against an enemy more powerful and deadly than any the O'Briens could ever envision. . .

Slaughter Time

New Mexico Territory is no stranger to bad men. But south of the border, on the wild Mexican coastline, is another kind of wicked: a murderous Arab with a ship full of stolen women--to be sold as sex slaves in the four corners of the world. Among them is a missing local school teacher Shawn O'Brien has been searching for--a woman with a past she's kept carefully hidden. Now Shawn, along with a half-mad bear hunter and a professional hangman fight their way to the coast for a blood-soaked battle between the slavers and the U.S. Navy. When the action runs aground, O'Brien gets his chance: to face down an Arab sheik who profits from human misery. . .and makes a sport of slaughter. . .

The Fight Within

The Bounty Hunters

Love's Long Journey (Love Comes Softly, Book 3)

The Outlaws of Mesquite



















whores.” “It’s a thought—” Shawn grimaced and arched his back. “Oh my God!” he yelled, slumping forward in the saddle, his face a mask of pain. “Damn it, boy, what ails ye?” Tweedy cried. “My back,” Shawn said through gritted teeth. “Low down. It hurts like hell.” Tweedy drew rein and put his arm around the younger man. “Didn’t you say you was pushed down stone steps at the Lucky Lady?” Shawn hunched his shoulders, his head tilted in pain. “Yeah, I fell down stairs. I thought I’d broken

in my pocket. If he’d been there, I’d have seen him.” “Then your guess is as good as mine, brother,” Samuel said. Jacob looked at Lorena and changed the subject. “Why can’t the colonel walk?” “Maybe you should ask, ‘Why won’t the colonel walk?’” Lorena explained. Jacob said nothing, waiting in silence. Lorena sighed. “He’s afraid, Jacob. He tried and he failed, and he’s a proud man who fears he’ll fail a second time.” “Luther, did you try to get him out of bed?” Jacob asked the segundo. “I

officers. And if memory serves me correctly, you and the quartermaster regularly traded coffee and flour to the Rebs for cigars, chewing tobacco, and Confederate scrip and made a tidy profit doing it.” Ironside opened his mouth to speak, but the colonel held up a silencing hand. “As for teaching, you taught my sons about whoring, drinking, cussing, gun fighting, and riding fast horses. Readings from Holy Scripture were notably absent from your curriculum, as was righteous instruction on the path

smiled warmly. “Of course, I could give up on ol’ Ephraim and hunt wolves for a livin’. Would that be more to your liking?” Julia shook her head. “Uriah, you’re a bear hunter, strong, reliant, and brave. When I lie in bed at night just before I drop off to sleep, I want to see you in my mind’s eye, out there in the wilderness, just you and Ephraim.” “But I don’t hunt at night,” Tweedy said, confused. “Well, I’ll see you in my mind’s eye in the morning light then,” Julia responded. Jacob,

partaking of the holy sacraments.” “Damned popery,” Ironside growled. Shamus gave Ironside a sharp look. “What did you say?” “Nothing, Colonel. I didn’t say nothing.” “I should hope not.” Shamus peered hard at his segundo. “Are you sure you didn’t mutter something derogatory about the Holy Mother Church?” Ironside shook his head. “Not a word, Colonel.” Steele saved Ironside from further embarrassment. “Colonel O’Brien, what do you make of this night rider business?” Before Shamus could

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