A Private Duel with Agent Gunn

A Private Duel with Agent Gunn

Jillian Stone

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1476798427

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"She was everything he remembered, only more so." Cunning, reclusive Yard man Phineas Gunn is as skilled at capturing surly criminals as he is at charming beautiful women. But the dashing agent's latest assignment is really testing his mettle. Officially, he's investigating beguiling prima ballerina Catriona de Dovia Willoughby, a suspected anarchist. Unofficially, his attraction to his devilish former flame is hotter than ever. Unsure whether to trust the enigmatic lover who betrayed her once, Cate nevertheless enlists Finn's help to recover some priceless family jewels. Their pursuit erupts into a cross-continental adventure that begins with a double cross and crackles with secrets, lies, and sexual tension. The crime is clear--breaking and entering each other's hearts--but as the clock ticks down, who will be the first to surrender?

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thigh, both limbs were bare. “A few days off that leggy leg and you’ll be back at your ballet barre, Miss de Dovia.” His manservant entered the study and placed a tea tray on a side table. “Will that be all, sir?” “Thank you, Bootes,” Finn answered without taking his eyes off her. Cate had scrubbed off the theatrical mask in hospital. She was fresh faced, a bit disheveled, and so lovely she made his loins ache. She leaned over the side of her chair and inhaled. “I love a good steep of Earl

looked up at her. The odd lens he wore had the strange effect of enlarging one eye and not the other. “May I ask how you came by such treasure, miss?” “A family heirloom. Tucked away for many years.” The magnified eye was quite piercing. “Have you ever heard of the great diamond of Lord Francis Hope?” Cate set down her teacup. “Yes of course, the Hope Diamond.” “Believed to be cut from the Tavernier, along with another stone, which was set as a ring for Empress Maria Feodorovna, wife of

of wind as the airship strained at its moorings. Finn handed off his valise to one of the ground crew, and climbed the slatted steps of the ladder. The moment his gear landed on deck, Gilbert gave the order to cut ties and they nosed up into a cloudless sky. In seconds they had climbed several hundred feet in the air. As the ground receded, he took in the mesmerizing view of Cherbourg and the sparkling blue channel beyond. “Finn.” Aurélien tugged him away to review his crewing responsibilities.

She fell back onto the carriage seat as if in a faint. She peeked at him and exhaled an exaggerated sigh. “I believe it was that last inside seam measurement of Madame’s that raised all the trouble.” He added a charming boyish grin. “Saucy minx.” Awkward moments were rare for this man, and yet Finn had never seemed more adorable to her. Still, it wouldn’t do to let him off too easily. She righted herself, tucked her arms under her chest and slowly narrowed her eyes. “French women are sluts.”

stepped around to the front of the chair. “How could you have possibly—?” Cate stopped midsentence. The chargé d’affaires looked a bit drained. Fortesque’s eyes darted to the deep amber liquid in his glass. “It is astonishing how many household items can be used as devices to spy with.” He sipped his brandy. “Or to catch the occasional intruder.” Settling into his chair, he offered her a seat opposite. “Please assure me our prisoners are off to Cherbourg?” “Safely away.” She remained standing

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