A Journeyman to Grief (Murdoch Mysteries)

A Journeyman to Grief (Murdoch Mysteries)

Maureen Jennings

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0771046790

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

  In 1858, a young woman on her honeymoon is abducted and taken across the border from Canada and sold into slavery. Thirty-eight years later, the owner of one of Toronto's livery stables is found dead. Then a second man is murdered, his body strangely tied as if he were a rebellious slave. Detective Murdoch has to find out whether Toronto's small "coloured" community has a vicious killer in its midst - an investigation that puts his own life in danger. With her usual masterful storytelling and sharp dialogue, Jennings shows how a great harm committed in the past can fatally affect the present. 

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apart and I could tell you my long-postponed story.” She smiled. “I would like that.” She turned to Murdoch. “Has the victim’s family been notified?” “Not yet. I will go to his home as soon as I can.” “You’ll leave somebody in charge here, won’t you?” Murdoch groaned to himself. One characteristic of Dr. Ogden with which he was now familiar was her propensity to tell him how to do his job. “I will make sure the place is quite secure if I am not here myself, ma’am.” She got his point and

negro suddenly stepped out of the nearest stall. He had a horsewhip in his hand. “I found this in here laying atop of the wheelbarrow.” He handed it to Murdoch. The leather had split near the end, revealing the whalebone underneath. All around the tear was stained a brownish red. “Does it belong to the livery?” “It might. I’ll have to check the carriages. The cabbies are supposed to leave them in the brackets.” “Show me.” Green led the way to the carriage shed. There were five single-horse

have a chin with Paul Musgrave. I’m not accusing him, mind, but I doubt he’s grieving too much at the boss’s demise, given the wife is now available. (Note from F.F.: Here Wallace actually gave me a sly wink. I did, of course, ask him what he was referring to, but he clammed up completely. Said he meant nothing by it. Musgrave is a bachelor, that’s all, and aren’t all bachelors in need of wives? He refused to say any more and said to ask the man in question who as I said wasn’t present.)

on, then.” Brackenreid headed toward the screen. There was no stopping him and Raymond stepped aside. “Why don’t you do the check in? I’ll just deal with this one.” Murdoch winked at the attendant and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll fix him.” Brackenreid led the way behind the screen and Murdoch pulled it closed around him. “Quickly, Murdoch,” he hissed. “We don’t have much time. If I don’t get out of this place today, I’m stuck here indefinitely. My wife and my doctor are coming tonight to sign

frail, like him. “Did he talk to you about Thomas Talbert’s daughter?” she asked. “Yes, he did. He seemed to think I was here because she has disappeared. Abducted, I gather.” “Thirty-eight years ago.” “The pastor said she married Daniel Cooke.” “Very few people knew of it. The marriage was kept secret.” She sat down next to her husband and just as he had picked up his pipe for comfort, she picked up an embroidery sampler that was on one of the chairs and took out the needle. She was

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