A Gift of Family (Love Inspired)

A Gift of Family (Love Inspired)

Mia Ross

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0373877862

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A man with secrets, ex-soldier Seth Hansen comes to the small town of Harland, North Carolina, to heal. The last thing he wants is to get involved—with the community, or with lovely waitress Lisa Sawyer, who has big dreams of leaving Harland. When a massive storm hits, it will take a dramatic rescue, and Lisa's unshakable belief, to wake a part of Seth he thought he'd lost forever. Suddenly one reluctant hero finds himself captivated by Christmas spirit. If only he can help Lisa discover the place shereallywants to be….

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“Where’s the bathroom?” she guessed with a cheeky grin. He chuckled, then shook his head. “Do you speak English?” “Oh, come on.” She tilted her head in disapproval. “Where’s the fun in that?” “These days they have apps for your cell phone that record what you say and translate it into whatever language you need.” “I want to learn how to speak them myself,” she insisted. “At least a little.” “You can’t learn more than vocabulary and basic grammar from a book,” he

“What do you think?” she demanded in a haughty tone he thought matched her nickname pretty well. “I think I’d rather not know.” “Smart man.” As they reached the counter, she greeted the owner. “You should be nice to me, Gus. I brought you someone to talk shop with. Seth Hansen, Gus Williams. Seth is Ruth’s nephew.” As the two men shook hands, Seth noticed the Semper Fi tattoo on Gus’s forearm. Faded but still clear, he could tell it had been there a long time. “I’m not

blurted out, “It’s been almost two years.” “Some recover quicker’n others.” Gus frowned. “Some come home but never quite make it back, if you know what I mean.” “Yeah, I do.” Seth had seen a few of them when he was in the hospital. Staring vacantly at nothing, muttering to themselves, imprisoned by memories that might never let them go. Watching them had been the motivation he’d needed to push himself hard every single day, even when his body had protested. With relentless

to help them decorate the higher branches. She was so glad he’d been with them tonight, sharing a festive meal and helping them trim the tree before heading back to his own family. She would miss him, but she’d come to terms with his leaving. It was best for both of them, and she’d think of the multitalented carpenter fondly every time she ordered a meal in a European restaurant and ended up with what she wanted. Marianne took the antique crystal star from its egg crate and held it up

than memories of them glaring at each other. She slid down her family’s usual pew so she could get a full view of the decorations. Once the family was settled, she made space for a couple more people at her end. Judging by the number of folks coming in the door, they’d need every available spot. Absorbed in a conversation with the Millers, she paid no attention when someone sat down beside her. When whoever it was reached into the rack on the back of the pew in front of them for a

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