6 Stone Barrington Novels: L.A. Dead; Cold Paradise; The Short Forever; Dirty Work; Reckless Abandon; Two Dollar Bill (Stone Barrington, Books 6-11)

6 Stone Barrington Novels: L.A. Dead; Cold Paradise; The Short Forever; Dirty Work; Reckless Abandon; Two Dollar Bill (Stone Barrington, Books 6-11)

Stuart Woods

Language: English

Pages: 1215

ISBN: 2:00189465

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Charismatic" (Booklist) cop-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington tracks down trouble from glitzy Palm Beach to gritty New York in these six novels from the New York Times bestselling author whose hero is "a guilty pleasure [and] an addiction that's harder to kick than heroin" (Contra Costa Times).

Silent Night

Paper Money

A Better World (The Brilliance Saga, Book 2)

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Deception (Jason Bourne, Book 7)

The Red Dahlia (Anna Travis, Book 2)

Odd Interlude #2


















out about this?” “I think it might be better if you had your own solicitor go.” “I don’t have one, and I hate Daddy’s. Just go and talk to him; I’ll tell him you’re coming.” “All right. Is there anything else?” “Let me give you his phone number and address.” Stone wrote it all down, and Sarah’s London number as well. “I’m coming up to London tomorrow, and I’ll call you then.” “All right. I’ll be around here. Oh, let me give you a portable phone number, too.” Stone retrieved the phone from

came back and pulled up a chair. His drink had already arrived. “How you doing?” Dino asked. “Not bad. You?” “The same. You’re looking thoughtful.” “I was just trying to remember everything about my trip to Vero Beach, Florida, last year, when I was picking up my Malibu at the Piper factory.” “Why?” “I was in a bank in the next town, a place called Orchid Beach, getting a cashier’s check to pay for the airplane, when a bunch of guys wearing masks walked in and stuck the place up.” “Oh

said. “I’m referring to people who have built lives outside our service, and who have independently acquired information or contacts that might be of use to us in the future. Let me give you a couple of examples. Stone, you were recently involved, quite inadvertently, of course, in a British intelligence operation dealing with an assassin who was causing problems in Europe and New York.” He paused. “If you say so,” Stone said, surprised that Lance knew about this. “We would have liked to know

breakfast is on the table.” He followed her through the sliding doors and onto a terrace overlooking the beach. When they sat down a low wall cleverly blocked the view from the sand, but still allowed them a panorama of the sea. It was nicely private. She removed the covers from two plates. His was eggs, home fries, sausages, and muffins; hers was a slice of melon. “Why do I have so much and you so little?” he asked, digging in. “Because you need your strength, and I need to keep my ass

“I heard a gunshot.” “How did you know it was a gunshot?” “I didn’t, at first, but when I peeked back through the glass doors, I saw Mr. Calder lying on the floor of the hallway. Mrs. Calder was standing next to him, holding a gun in her hand.” “She was just standing there? Was she doing anything else?” “She was screaming at him.” “What was she saying?” “I don’t know exactly; it was pretty garbled. I did hear her say ‘son of a bitch.’” “Was Mrs. Calder directing this abuse at Mr. Calder?”

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