3 Seductions and a Wedding

3 Seductions and a Wedding

Julie Leto

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0373795475

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Why wait for the wedding night? Tying the Knot Jessie might not forgive Leo for his long-ago betrayal, but after one scorching kiss, she can't fight the chemistry any more. But a girl can't base her future on great sex. Or can she? Take This Man Can hunky Drew convince Annie that he's the man for her? All he has to do is sweep her off her feet...then make her forget that he's a much younger man...Bedded Bliss When playboy billionaire Ajay is ready for real commitment, he thinks sexy, sensible Mallory is his woman. Too bad her only desire is to experience his prowess in bed!

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at daybreak, exposing none of her emotions, but reflecting all of his. The intensity made his throat clench. “You okay?” he asked. She nodded. Despite the prick of cold from her sudden stillness, Leo couldn’t move away. Okay, so he’d made it relatively impossible for her to not say that she loved him. But not utterly impossible. If she still hated him to the depths of her soul like she had when she’d first found out he’d cheated, she would not have made love with him tonight, no matter how

glass with ice, courtesy of the plane’s well-stocked galley, and then popped a plate of pre-packaged cinnamon rolls into the microwave while he brewed coffee for himself. The aroma awoke his senses, but not enough to turn him away from his purpose. To seduce Annie Rush. No, more than that—to win her heart. The bet with Leo had been a lark—an added incentive and, frankly, a reason to test the concept of him and Annie hooking up on some of the people who would, by virtue of their friendships and

trimmed with a line of lace, hid too much. He pleasured her belly button, flicking his tongue in and out of the tiny groove while he dragged them down her legs. Her hands were still in his hair, so she easily tugged his attention upward. “Drew,” she gasped. He smiled. She was uneasy. Uncertain. He understood, but he wasn’t about to let her give in to her fears. Not when he was this close to nirvana. “I want to taste you,” he said. She shook her head, but without any real conviction. “Just

this trip was about? 9 THE MOMENT the car pulled away from the curb, Drew gasped. Annie had climbed atop his lap and was unbuckling the top of his jeans. “Where are we going?” she asked, her voice a hot whisper in his ear. He had to think. She’d started assaulting his neck with long, languorous licks and the only destination in his mind was heaven. “To…a…spa.” She tugged his shirt out of jeans, then ripped the tee over his head. “Tell the driver to take his time.” Drew retained

dealing with emotions you’ll never have to feel again.” He kissed her long and hard, and with every thrust of his tongue, every caress of his fingers, she knew she had to be with him. Had to have him. Had to see if she had another shot at a forever love. “This is crazy insane,” she decided. “You don’t have enough crazy insane in your life. I want you, Annie. I don’t know what else I can do or say to convince you.” She couldn’t think of a single thing. He’d done it all. Well, almost all.

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