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The Discovery Of Halo Timeline

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I just had a serious thought on Canon on how the POA discovered Halo. Thinking it was all cause of the Epilogue in the Fall of Reach.

But I wanted to make a small timeline cause ye know helps to visualize stuff really. The reason is below. Up to you if this means anything. But I had to make it more visual for myself and thought hey you may like to see it also. I included the Opening cutscene from Halo CE cause it doesn't break anything. Even though the Ring appears in it. We can assume its in the Shadow of Threshold during that time.

Reason I did this thread was to patch up the weirdness of "The Fall of Reach" book showing the discovery of Halo, and "The Flood " book showing it also. And Halo CE implying it. This led to some confusing matters.

I mean read The Epilogue in The Fall of Reach, and reach Chapter 1 in the Flood. And you will be reading the POA finding Halo twice if you couldn't get your head round it..

The Fall of Reach skimming though it. Making it seem like they found it without the Covies finding them.

The Flood missing out the Captain waking up. But going straight to being attacked then finding it.

Sometime after  August 30th 06:47

The Fall of Reach Epilogue: Cortana thinks during the escape from Reach.

The Flood Adjunct: The Fleet of Particular Justice chase the Pillar of Autumn.

September 18th

2200(3 hours before POA made it to the Soell System)

The Fall of Reach Epilogue: Keyes and Bridge Crew woke up from Cryo. And Keyes asks about the state of the Ship

September 19th

Unknown if before or after 01:03:

The Flood Adunct: The Covenant discover Halo Around about that time,

The Fall of Reach Epilogue: Keyes and the Crew make it to the bridge and then asks Cortana to shut down all systems before they make it to normal Space. And then POA leaves SlipSpace. And are currently gliding round Basis (Thresholds moon) into Thresholds orbit. And Cortana detects a radio echo in the shadow of Threshold.


The Flood Prologue: Cryo team is preparing to wake the chief under orders from Keyes(meaning the "Everyone" line in Halo CE's opening cutscene doesn't refer to the Chief but the whole crew instead)

The Flood Prologue:  The Covenant prepare to get ready to attack the Pillar of Autumn.

Conversations from the Universe: Guilty Spark sees the Covenant and seems annoyed at their presence.


Halo CEA Trailer: Keyes reviews Reach events.

Halo CE Opening Cutscene: Keyes wonders if they lost the covenant. They decide to wake the whole crew outta cryo. Preparing to be attacked. Cause they know the Covies have discovered them. Halo is just about to come into view. But still in the shadow of Threshold.


The Flood Chapter 1: Pillar of Autumn now under attack and see halo for the crew see Halo for the first time.

Halo CE Opening Cutscene: Marines(maybe only Johnson till he has his speech) know of the Rings existence. Cryo team now wake the Chief.

Halo CE Gameplay: And chief makes his way to Captain Keyes. And finally does. And the crew look stressed. And Keyes then Plans to land on Halo.

Halo CEA Terminal 1: Guilty Spark sees the Pillar of Autumn and threatens them.


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I just tidied up this thread. And added a few things of note. Felt this thread tidies up pretty nicely the inconsistencys with Alpha Halos Discovery

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