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  1. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Convention... I recommend starting small. A pannel or two at an existing convention seems more fitting. Getting a few folks to discuss lore and how they use it and so on.
  2. Archive Chat 3: Finish the Memes

    Seems to be a mere coincidence I am afraid
  3. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Side note. ARG has returned. And I made a thread with all the current updates on it. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/db05ce78845f4120b062c50816008e5d/topics/section-3-operation-center-2/105fc9c8-b04d-4652-9253-cf460eebf605/posts
  4. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    You know I wonder what the Spirits thoughts on the Flood were during Awakening the Nightmare? Was it one of unknown not knowing the Flood were released. Was it one of them being happy they could claim areas Atriox abandoned to help contain the outbreak. Was it one of holding back the Flood also.
  5. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Plot twist. It aint Forerunner but is Ancient Human/Precursor/mystery aliens relics
  6. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    I think I worked out how to finally organize the M9 Grenades. xD Starting with Halo 3's(and I guess in extension Halo 2 classic and Halo CE original). A case in Halo 3 has that on it. The key part being the MFG04. So if we take this and then with the knowledge that future Halo titles have M9's in altered forms. The Halo 3 version is the MFG04 variant. Now we just need terms for the other M9 variants to make this a successful classification system we can use. Also in relation to Halo 3 crates with stuff on them. The A-2 scope mentioned in Halo 2, "may" be the Halo 3 Sniper scope. With the actual Scope being called the M107.
  7. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Hmmm well John and Co ran to Meridian Station from Apogee Station during Earth Quakes we see/hear in the mines with Osiris. Seeing as Blue entered at the entrance that was at Meridian Station, we know that to be fact. (Osiris left through that entrance) In relation to the clips below. It doesnt seem that the road to Apogee Station is rather safe. With potential leftover Prometheans. Our only visuals of Blue Teams run to Meridian Station is this. And these clips that were put on Hunt the Truths blog that I compiled into a playlist just to be safe.
  8. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Mythic is always going though adjustments. A few errors slipped through lol. But is generally an awesome project.
  9. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Well both were purely by random chance. First Strikes was physical timetravel. Items/Beings going back. First Strikes was caused by a Forerunner Crystal. That did wonky Slipspace stuff. Hard to say why it did send Chief and co back in time. ILB's was more data timetravel. As in only digital stuff went through time. AI/Data going back. Now ILB's was caused by a guy messing with the Deep-Space Artifact. Something that probably caused some unforeseen use for the device. For all we know its not actually a Forerunner device adding to the mystery of said device.
  10. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    I do find it sad that HBO isnt as active as it once was.
  11. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    Here is a lil bit of an analysis into the MAC naming convention I tried. I think I caught onto DA and B. But the rest I am uncertain with. Ok now with the "A"'s, F probably relates to rapid fire. As 56A2F9 is the rapid fire variant of the 56A2D4.
  12. Archive Chat 3: Finish the Memes

    I need feedback. xD Edit here is a mobile view of the scarab one.
  13. Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat

    So spoilt the Wiki Community struggle to keep up. Any break given allows us to get our stuff together heh.
  14. Halopedia has your back my friend. Editors are really fast when it comes to getting the assets down it blows my mind. Even then no one misses lore. Not on my watch. Even if its just describing whats on it in great detail. :D https://www.halopedia.org/Halo_Legendary_Crate/Data_Drops
  15. Archive Chat 3: Finish the Memes

    Well as not everyone will check the lore channels. You may be interested in this lil stream folks.