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      Start here for all rules and ranks as well as updates at the Halo Archive.

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      Discuss general topics related to Halo such as News, Events, Merchandise, Media, Lore etc...

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      In-Depth discussion of the Halo Universe as well as hotly debated subjects. *Lore Specific*

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      Gather evidence and collect information for various projects, theories, games, etc.

    4. Halo Multiplayer Discussion

      Discuss all things related to Halo multiplayer here.

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      Anything and everything that does not fit elsewhere, goes here.

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      Post about other Universes, Stories and Media here.

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      Check here for Halo Archive Gamedays, to play with your fellow members and also recruiting purposes.

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      Find all of our member's personal creations such as Machinima, Fan Fiction etc...


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Members who participate primarily in lore related discussions


Members who participate primarily in non Halo related discussions


Members who primarily catalogue information


Members who participate primarily in multiplayer related discussions
  • Announcements

    • Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Legacy of Onyx by DilDev

      Of course, even by providing myself this little outlet, I cannot remove my bias entirely, but at least you all will be aware of the emotional lens through which I’m viewing this novel. That being said… Oh my word. Legacy of Onyx. ....[Read More]

    • Become A Reclaimer!

      Greetings Archivers! Join the Reclaimership for extra Forum perks! Perks like colored text, titles, other fonts, and more! Stand-out from the crowd and show your support for the Halo Archive!   With your help in donating towards the Archive for Reclaimership, the money goes to all ends of the site to keep this place up and running and with (hopefully) new features to come. It is quite expensive to keep the IPBoards and domain. But with each new Reclaimer, it becomes a little easier.   And because of that generosity, that selflessness, and that dedication to our community from those who donate, we felt the need to give them the justice that they deserved...a reward that is more than just a "Thank you" note. The perks of becoming a Reclaimer are listed below: •    Your choice of colored text (Go to My Profile > Edit My Profile > Profile Settings > Scroll down to "Profile Info" and its the first option. You need to put in a 6 character hex color code.)
      •    Exclusive Forum Section only visible to Reclaimers
      •    Access to other fonts
      •    No PM storage limit
      •    Title acknowledging you are a Reclaimer (or any other title following the Rules we have set) *Only for Reclaimers
      •    Ability to update status, or import from Facebook or Twitter
      •    Larger signatures and allow images in signatures as well (Have to fit a 500 x 50 dimension and can have 5 urls)
      •    Can upload files to your posts (Word docs, etc with 64mb limit size)
      •    You will NOT see ads on the forum.
      •    If you wish, you can have a display name change every 30 days
      •    Badge acknowledging you are a Reclaimer
      •    Automatic entry into raffle giveaways   And of course the best perk is helping support the Halo Archive. We realize a few of the perks used to be available to you on our prior forums, such as colors and fonts, but we wanted to keep the forum as clean and simple as possible when we moved. We also did not want to remove the option completely, so we added these to the list of perks.   If you wish to become a Reclaimer please click this link and/or send the donation to haloarchive@live.com   The current options we have are: 6 months for $6 (USD) & 12 months for $10 (USD)       Once you donate, be sure to PM all Community Managers in one PM so we can unlock your new rank and have you written down on our list.    

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