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Aeolian HopeĀ  is an ongoing Halo webcomic written and drawn by two avid Halo fans. The story takes place in 2540, right smack in the middle of the Human-Covenant War. There has been a lot of canon materialĀ  about the early and later years of the war, but there is a lot of fertile, unexplored ground in the middle.

In addition, we felt that too much official Halo lore focuses on the SPARTANs, a relatively rare sight in the overall ‘verse. We wanted to portray the war from the trenches, as it would have been experienced by most who fought during that pivotal era, complete with all the desperation that comes from not being a super-soldier. Thus, Aeolian Hope is a story focused on the lives and struggles of some of the ordinary UNSC soldiers who were active at this time. A good shotgun primer would be to think Band of Brothers meets Halo: Reach.

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Issue 1, Page 20


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