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Elites Need to Return to Halo Multiplayer

OPINION: Elites Need to Return to Halo Multiplayer

DISCLAIMER: the opinions expressed in this article do not fully reflect those of the Halo Archive community.

Greetings nerds and primitives, you have stumbled upon something here written by yours truly, the third of well you know….


That’s right, I am the third Didact!

I have recently been recruited here to give you my thoughts on certain things of Halo, please note that my views are not considered factual and will be done constructively and with respect so nobody gets too butthurt.

Over the past several months since we have been informed about the release of Halo 5 Guardians, fans like you and me, depending on your taste…..have been wanting one of the most unique things about Halo back in the game.


Elites at Spire

Elites at Spire

Remember the glory days of Halo 2 where you could play the campaign from the Thel ‘Vadam’s perspective? Aya, we all enjoyed that, if you’re open to other species. In Halo 3 it was only available to you via multiplayer.

I can’t help but notice that 343i’s intention is to make Halo all about humanity whereas when Bungie was large and in charge, there was a little more species equality.

Now if you’re a Spartan fan, that’s fine, I will respect you. We all have our own tastes here.

Come Reach, there was a sign that Elites would be gone from existence in Halo’s multiplayer; that sign was that Elites were only playable to limited game modes and eventually come Halo 4, they are gone completely. For years since that very day, a large portion of fans in the community have the desire to play as their favourite split-jaws again.

As you can see, when we look back, the availability to play as the Sangheili decreases until eliminated. When The Master Chief Collection was released last year, fans got a chance to have full access to play as Elites again, in whatever multiplayer mode, except for Halo 4. That brought happiness to those who have made Sangheili clans and those who just prefer aliens over humanity. We had hoped it would return once again for a new Halo game but sadly the company doesn’t want to give that to us.

From the company’s perspective, they have a lot of ground to cover trying to make a release date in time. That is understandable, but for the fans, it’s not because if you’ve been waiting for years to have it back; it can be really disheartening when someone from the company says that there are no plans for Elites to return.

Basically, playable Elites have been a long time part of the Halo franchise, so eliminating it is taking away a big part of the community that grew up playing as them with their friends or in a public match. Taking it away can decrease the demand for the game from the Covenant fans.

Could they be in a DLC? Sure, I don’t see why not, that’s better than nothing, and it would be great to be able to choose what kind of Elite model from what game that you want be.

There’s also been a lot of beef over the fact that Halo 5 Guardians’ campaign will take you to Sanghelios. For hardcore Sangheili fans, it doesn’t really feel like the true experience if you are stepping onto the planet in the boots of a Spartan. That brings me to the case that Elites have lesser roles in the lore of the games now. In Halo 4 they were nothing but animals seen as objects to kill by Spartans and fans, except for Jul ‘Mdama and Gek ‘Lhar, who were the only Elites relevant to the post war story. We never get to explore their story anymore in the games.

Finally, one more point about why Elites need to return to Halo’s multiplayer is that Halo was once known for giving humans and Elites equal time in the spotlight. But just like the decreased availability in multiplayer, the same thing happened in the campaign. Halo has become now all about humanity if you look at it just through the games. It’s understandable if not everyone desires dig deeper by reading articles and books. So for those who haven’t read any of the books yet on the aliens of the Haloverse, you’d probably be disappointed right now.

Regardless, Elites were and still are a special part of the Haloverse. But personally, without them, the company loses the trust from the Sangheili fans, the Elites get no story time, and no equality. Sometimes you develop a close connection to the Elites when you start playing as them. It’s fun to play as something that isn’t human for a change in Halo’s multiplayer or campaign, so why can’t it be implemented once more?


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Halo championship series season 2 FINALS! And Gamescom 2015 info.

Halo championship series season 2 FINALS! And Gamescom 2015 info.

Good afternoon Archivers!

Season 2 finals

Season 2 finals logo

This weekend is the finals of the Halo championship series season 2. This will be the final Halo 2 anniversary tournament before transiting  over to Halo 5: Guardians for season 3.  Here is the bracket for the event, Bracket.

There is eight teams fighting to get to championship sunday and two teams will be knocked out today.  Who do you think is going to win this weekend sound off in the comment section below!

If you would like to watch the finals click this link! HCS Stream


Gamescom 2015


At gamescom 2015,  343 Industries will be hosting  invitation event for halo 5 with four teams! three EU squads and one US team. The three EU teams are, Epsilon Esports, Supremacy, CAZ.Esports. The Lone US team is OpTic Gaming.

Now for the Roster for all four teams starting with,

Epsilon Esports:UK20, BUK57, Jimbo, Snipedrone

Supremacy:Ramirez, TuFoxy, Chalkie, Riotz

CAZ.Esports:Flamez, Vard, Snakey, Hollers

OpTic Gaming:Flamesword, Ace, Assault, Maniac

All the action can be seen on the Halo twitch channel!

Are you excited to finally see some Halo 5 Action let us know in the comment section below!

Talk about this and anything else Halo related on our FORUM!

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Know Your Tool: Automatics

Know Your Tool: Automatics

Lets take some time to look at our Spray and Pray tools. Every noobs favorite! If used properly, these weapons can get your opponent off balanced giving you the upper hand.

MA5B Assault Rifle

The Misriah Armory created the MA5B Assault Rifle with a short-stroked gas–operated system. The gas-operation allows the weapons’ Bolt/Receiver to automatically reload the 7.62x51mm round into the chamber. The full-auto system puts out an astonishing 900 rounds per-minute (RPM). This aggressive firepower puts the accuracy at short to medium range.


The MA5B has been one of the most reliable weapons for the UNSC Marines. Which complements why it is the most equipped weapon for soldiers throughout the Halo Universe. A digital read out shows how much ammunition is loaded alongside the magnetic compass orientating to North.


The MA5B can be tricky when firing at longer distances, use short burst to help knock down the recoil from the 7.62 ammunition. You can find the Assault rifle on every map for the Halo championship Series. Perhaps the best use is on Lockdown to flank an enemy camping out on the Sniper Tower. The MA5B can be found top middle right before the short-cut jump to S3.

Jumping into your foes face and laying down the led will throw them off balance. Proceed to run them down to get a good melee for this push. You may find yourself in the support position following a teammate. Firing the 900-RPM as your teammate shoots his Battle Rifle (BR) can melt the opponents’ shields down allowing the BR to end the fight in seconds. Now lets take a look at the Assault Rifles smaller sister the M7 SMG.



This small but mighty firearm was originally intended as a back up for many vehicle crews. Paramilitary Police and the UNSC Special Forces starting using the M7 SMG when close quarter combat or CQB became more prevalent during the Covenant insurrection. Its’ short length of 18.7 inches fully collapsed niche the weapon for door-to-door sweeps.


The M7 SMG comes at a very portable weight of 6.36 pounds with a full 60 round clip. The use of a Caseless 5x23mm round helped to keep the weight down. When the round is fired off the combustible adhesive holding the propellant incinerates thus eliminating ejection of a brass casing. This firearm uses a gas operated fully automatic system. When the round is fired it uses the gas of the ammunition to throw back the bolt to load another round. After the round loads the firing pin slams into the back of the propellant releasing another round. Since no casing is ejected Dual Welding is an easy task for a solider.  In multiplayer pick up a Plasma Pistol along with your M7 SMG to first destroy the opponents’ shields. The rest will be an easy task for the M7 SMG to finish off.

Muzzle velocity is an astounding 1400 feet per seconds on the M7 SMG. Add this on to its’ 900-RPM and short barrel length of 16.5 inches puts the weapons’ accuracy something to desire hence why Spartan’s were train to Dual-Weld with the SMG. When in range the weapon is only out powered by the M90 Shotgun. So when in need use the spray and pray method Spartan!

Thanks ounce again to the Halo Archive guys for the awesome insight! Be sure to tune in next week for the Rocket Launcher breakdown! #StayNoble

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Know Your Tool: M90

Know Your Tool: M90

One of the most iconic weapons in the Halo universe happens to also be one of the most simplest mechanically. Welcome again to “Know Your Tool” where we break down the tools used in the Halo Championship Series!

Clack Clack! Everyone understands that sound of the M90 Shotgun. If an opponent is able to hear you pick up the M90 they most likely are looking to create distance. With the very short but deadly range of 0 – 20 yards (online), distance will be the only saving grace an enemy can find.

The M90 Shotgun weighs in at 11.9 lbs dry and bumping up to 13.7 lbs fully loaded with 24 shells. Those shells are Soellkraft 8-Gauge Buckshot typically containing 15 round lead pellets. The rounds are a staggering 3.5” Magnum shell. This simply means the length of the shell is 3.5” and is packed to the max with powder. Full length is 118.3 cm, the equivalent of a standard ironing board. For aiming simple Iron Sights are attached complementing the short range of the M90.

Most firearms use gas operating meaning they use the ammunition’s power to rack another round into the bolt/receiver. The M90 uses a pump action to reload the chamber making this weapon very simple and very reliable. That same action creates the clack clack sound that resonates around the world.

This weapon is by far my favorite mainly because I own a 12-gauge shotgun. Shooting a shotgun is a thrill to say the least. The amount of power that can be generated from this firearm hurts, literally. My shoulder takes a beating after a good session of shooting. This brings me to the 8-gauge caliber of the M90. The smaller the gauge number the more powerful the firearm is rated at. In relation to real life, the 8-gauge is not used because the firearm would be impractical. One shot and you would need a new shoulder. My shoulder bruises after a few rounds with my 12-gauge.

Thank you for joining us ounce again on “Know Your Tool”! If you would like to know more about any of the guns discussed in the series tweet at me @Noble_Revo and I’ll try to accommodate. It is always great hearing from you guys! Thank you to the Halo Archive again for their knowledge. Next up will be the full auto Assault Rifle so stay tuned!