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Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Smoke and Shadow

Usually my reading journals are split into three sections: the style of the novel, its place in the science fiction genre, and how it connects to the expanded universe of Halo. Any deviation from that format is usually when one […]

Admiral Preston Cole Returns with a Beacon – Archive Beacon – August 12, 2016

Light the Beacon.  Introduction Happy August, Archivers!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their end of summer and looking forward to heading back to school for those younglings that still do that (haha!).  We have a couple of things to […]



One Final Effort – Archive Beacon – 22 July 2016
One Final Effort – Archive Beacon – 22 July 2016

The Beacon has been lit once again.   One Final Effort Archive Beacon 22 July 2016   Introduction It’s been a long time coming, baby! Welcome back to the tri-weekly Archive Beacon. That’s every three weeks, not three times a […]

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Cryptum

In high school, I had onstage roles in two plays: Verges, the headborough to Dogberrry’s constable, in Much Ado About Nothing and Harriet, a bearded woman, in The Werewolf’s Curse or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. While it certainly seems unfair […]

Cortana Approaches, The Mantle Returns.

Halo 4 had a dramatic impact on the lore community with a formal introduction of a living Forerunner not only that,The Didact himself.  The final journey of Chief and Cortana had the pair hunting Didact down throughout his Requiem fortress […]

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Shadow of Intent

Discussing the style of Shadow of Intent could almost be a copy-paste of Contact Harvest’s breakdown. Staten’s cinematic flair, the introspective pace, the nuggets of foreshadowing, it’s all here. However, what stands out to me is how poetic and in-depth […]

Halo’s Place in Our World – Mortal Dictata

Mortal Dictata – Karen Traviss There is plenty of things that can be discussed from the book Mortal Dictata, but I want to focus on a particular topic that this book and this entire franchise has placed under scrutiny. So […]

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – The Thursday War

The Thursday War – Karen Traviss In his short story “Gold,” Isaac Asimov’s self-insert character describes his writing style as dialogue-based, without much physical description. This is also very true of Karen Traviss’ work. While she definitely incorporates more scenery […]

Halo’s Place In Science Fiction – Glasslands

Glasslands – Karen Traviss The Kilo-Five trilogy is so strongly linked together that it is near impossible, now that all three are published, to speak of them and their style in a wholly disjointed manner. Nylund’s books all interlock yes, and […]

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Saint’s Testimony

Saint’s Testimony – Frank O’Connor Spoilers related to Saint’s Testimony and all other aspects of Halo lore are unrestricted and unmarked in this piece. In his book Billion Year Spree: The True History of Science Fiction, Brian Aldiss posits this […]

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