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Leggo My Lek– Wait. . . – Archive Beacon – April, 2017

Leggo My Lek– Wait. . . – Archive Beacon – April, 2017

Light the Beacon


Where are my Lekgolo fans here? Anyone? Any love for our criminally underused worms that are so interesting when you get to know more about them? Huh? Cmoooon, Leggo My Lekgolo. 

Joking aside, welcome to a new Archive Beacon, it’s your usual suspects and bond brothers Jones and HaruspexOfHell here again, hope you’ve got enough worms in the dirt because we are visiting a Colony– I mean, Colony. Watch those pronouns.

Main Section

Strange and inscrutable, the Hunter pair who identifies as “Colony” is believed to be either a representative for Lekgolo allied to the Banished or a specialised command form of the alien eel-worms. Colony defers only to Atriox and is charged with directing all Banished Lekgolo activities on the Ark, including creation and expansion of Lekgolo clusters for use in vehicles and other specialised applications. Though it cooperates with the Banished, Colony appears to have its own plans for the Ark. Most of its attention is currently focused on the activities near the resting place of the Forerunner keyships; missions undertaken outside the knowledge of other Banished leaders.

Finally, our beloved worms are getting the attention they deserve, in the newly released Colony update for Halo Wars 2 from actually hearing their voices for the first time in game to new units that we’ve never seen or heard of before all in this update! Let’s take a quick overview over Colony’s units and abilities shall we?


Here are some of the units confirmed to be part of Colony’s arsenal!

  • Goliath – The Goliath is what you get when both groups of a Lekgolo colony occupy a single, massive suit of armour. This gigantic, melee-focused unit excels at laying waste to enemy structures, can pull enemies towards him, and has a shoulder-charge ability to quickly annihilate groups of weaker foes.
  • Engineer Swarm – Colony can summon a swarm of Huragok Engineers to the battlefield to heal allied units in the area for a limited time. An Engineer Swarm provides strong healing and is more cost-effective than UNSC Restoration Drones but are vulnerable to being showdown by anti-air units if deployed too close to enemy threats.
  • Enduring Locust – The Enduring Locust has the range and multi-purpose usage as its basic brethren but gets a substantial bump in effectiveness thanks to its “Last Stand” ability, which deploys a number of infantry troops to fight on after the unit has been destroyed.
  • Scarred Hunter – This pair of sturdy Veteran Hunters come equipped with an upgraded Beam Weapon to deal more damage than their basic counterparts.
  • Skitterer Mob – These small mechanical units are considered “little brothers” of the Locust and what they lack in toughness they more than make up for in sheer numbers and symbiotic impact.
  • Hunter Captain – Hero unit in Colony’s forces is the intimidating, hulking Hunter Captain. This legendary unit is extremely slow but extremely resilient, making it an excellent front-line tank. With its Taunt ability. The Hunter Captain will force nearby enemies to attack him, providing excellent support for weaker, ranged units on the secondary line. To provide extra survivability, the Captain can syphon health from enemy units to heal himself and utilise Shock to debuff enemy troops and significantly reduce their armour.

The Swarm Remembers

Now, onto the abilities shall we?

  • Vehicle Symbiotes – This area-of-effect buff calls forth Lekgolo worms to swarm over targeted vehicles and buildings, increasing their armour and range. Unlike most other buffs, the positive effects of the Symbiotes is permanent, lasting until the affected unit is destroyed.
  • Living Barrier – Colony can summon a wall of Lekgolo worms that act as barricades to block enemy ground vehicles, fortify chokepoints and protect friendly structures. Skilful Barrier deployments can also be used on top of enemy armies in mid-battle to divide and separate advancing forces.
  • Hunters Brand – A relatively cheap Tier 3 ability that is similar to a Glassing Beam but is cheaper to deploy and thus can be more frequently used. Three beams converge on a target, dealing damage and briefly slowing affected units.
  • Colony Drop – A Tier 3 ability that drops in a pair of Veteran Goliaths providing a quick strike team packing serious muscle.
  • Devastating Host – This Ultimate ability is a powerful, large-scale Spirit drop that summons Hunters and vehicles buffed with Vehicle Symbiotes. The entire landing zone is buffed so any additional vehicles or structures in the area will also be affected.
  • Combat Repairs – An Ultimate ability that provides a slow, healing-over-time effect to all structures and units for the remainder of the game!

This is very much all that has been brought by the new leader – Colony! As well as two Achievements that I will list below, however, you can get it now for Xbox One or Windows 10 for $5.99!

Procuring Legends

And as the last note for today, Halo: Envoy has released on Digital and Physical copies, you can get it now! You can also discuss it freely on our forums clicking right here! Be sure to keep spoilers moderate outside of free spoiler zones, not everyone has read it yet, but you can discuss it freely on that very thread!




Well, thanks to a series of unfortunate…well maybe fortunate…events, we are now in the works of remodelling our main website and pages pertaining to it. It will be a work in progress, but in its final form, it will be a glorious piece of art.

Also along is still our forums, now possible, new rendition. Still in a small debate to look into a new host or stick with it here. We are creating a Patreon so then you, the members, can at least see the progress in a more accurate forecast. Plus for your security and ours. We hope the rewards are nice for you all and those of you who are already Reclaimers will stay and maybe some new Reclaimers will join too!

But that is our main focus now.


Doesn’t mean we will stop production of other events! Speaking of here is the latest and greatest! Our interview with Dr. David Brin (


ManChid  – Lifeworker



From your usual suspects, come quite a list of things that you may or may not have missed!




Synth SamuraiFull Circle


Podcast Evolved


Halo Canon


Halo Team Assemble

Termacious Trickocity



Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, as some of you know I’ve got a new job that’s been taking up most of my time. But fear not, me and a few others have been silently working behind the scenes on some thing for you all… it will be announced in due time, but I believe it will be worth the wait.



I didn’t forget to comment like last time, SAD!

I hope you’re all doing well. Discussions have been mostly clean; keep it up.

Oh, don’t forget to join the Discord. It’s pretty lit.

-Wannabe Mall Cop Preston


And that officially brings this post to an end! Short but sweet, mostly a test in the new UI of which if you have any complaints or suggestions please direct them to either one of us or straight to the Archive Beacon Feedback thread! We really need your feedback to make up a better experience reading these for you and for us, so don’t be shy we don’t bite at the sight of Feedback!

Now, that brings this one to a close, remember to go to our forums, engage in discussions, etc! You’ll most certainly be sure to find a friend and a good time around the forums.

If you do not have an account for the forums, yet, you can create one right here!

– HaruspexOfHell  and Adv Jones, the two goofs who quite honestly want your feedback on the beacons. (Pretty pleaseeee?)

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Fire Withstanding – Archive Beacon – March 26th, 2017

Fire Withstanding – Archive Beacon – March 26th, 2017

Light the Beacon


A new day, a new Beacon arrives at our doorstep! A very fiery one to be precise. Hello again from your beloved – or hated – kinda usual typist here; HaruspexOfHell a much more seasoned new guy here, now and as always I only hope that this issue is of the best quality for you all as I hope you have been enjoying my presence here as much as I have been enjoying typing all of these out! Though, without further a due, let’s begin! And let the fires be ever, withstanding.

Main Section

Lieutenant Colonel, Morgan Kinsano, leader of Firestorm Battlegroup and possible head of the Hellbringers, she’s a ruthless leader specialising in fire equipment, she’ll burn whatever steps in front of her and go out the other way unscathed like a vixen on the fire. She’ll bring down hell upon her enemies like a goddess of fire.

She’ll bring down the skies and burn down the forests of the Ark with her ways, the former Insurrectionists turned her sights from other humans only to land face first towards an enemy that humanity had never seen before. But the tip of her flamethrower would always be ready and leaking fuel and fire as her steps are heavy. 

This is who we’re dealing with here. One of the new leaders incoming for Halo Wars 2! Sorry for all the fanfare, but I had to write out something that would be fitting after that video, and I hope it encapsulated everything that she is, perfectly! Though, without more delay, we shall get to the good stuff. . . The details!

And, I shall start with the Lore. As expected to some, not so expected to others, haha.




Kinsano’s Phoenix Log:
Insurrectionist firebrand turned UNSC leader.
Kinsano specializes in flame—based attacks, with an emphasis on destruction
and area denial. Her arsenal includes a Flame Cyclops suit that she can use as a
Hero in the field, and a specially—adapted Warthog equipped with a white—
burning anti—armor flamer.
Morgan Kinsano was a key insurrectionist leader in the outer colonies when the
Covenant attacked, sparking the Human-Covenant war, and she saw fellow
fighters and family members alike cut down by the unstoppable Covenant war
The Covenant war scattered the insurrection movement and she signed up to
join the UNSC, realizing that if the Covenant killed everyone she wouldn’t have
an insurrection to come back to. Her politics and approach to combat might be
unusual for the UNSC, but her ruthless fighting style and unorthodox tactics
have saved many lives.

So, from what we can see here, she is not just you average UNSC jockey, she’s an innie, outer colony. It’ll interesting to see what kind of repercussions her presence would bring or how her relationship with anything UNSC is, of course, in other posts it has been noted that she cares about the crew of the Spirit of Fire so it remains to be seen, one thing is for certain, though, her presence in Operation: SPEARBREAKER is certainly welcome and I am excited to see what kind of combat dialogue she has, the Innie bravado is grand and for an innie leader, I am highly interested to see what her reactions may be in the future as the NCA could still be out there.

Will she choose duty, or will she choose to go against the machine once more? Hopefully, in the future, something like this is tackled upon.



So, what can we expect from Kinsano in the game? Well, her new units, abilities, etc! And her new units are as follows!

  • Kinsano’s Cyclops – Her very own, modified cyclops without a covered cockpit or glass. The arms are modified to hold two M7057/Defoliant Projectors. It also has the special ability called flamewall which does as much as the name suggests, creates a wall of fire, incinerating everything in its path and wreaking havoc around it. 
  • Flame Warthog – This AMG Transports Dynamics’ M12 Force Application Vehicle, better known as the ‘Warthog’ has been retrofitted with a flamethrower instead of an M46 LAAG or ‘Vulcan’, and it will wreak havoc amongst even the bravest Covenant soldiers. This version of the warthog also holds twice the strength of a standard M12 FAV and specialises in close range rather than long.
  • Veteran Flame ‘Hog – This version of the Flame Warthog is a slightly more expensive one, which changes the flamethrower that the Flame ‘Hog holds for a grenade launcher, with ready-to-fire incendiary rounds.
  • Veteran Hellbringers – These units are more resilient, tougher and stronger than their counterpart, they will deal with anything and everything on the field.

Now, that’ll be all for the new units, though, now we move on to the good stuff! Abilities.


  • Helldrop – The Helldrop takes the classic ODST drop to the next level as drop pods rain down from the sky, explode in a blast of fire and unleash a squad of flame-throwing Hellbringers to burn down any enemies left standing.
  • Hellcharge – Kinsano is fierce and ruthless on the front lines and when the need arises, can inspire her troops to new heights with special abilities such as the Hellcharge. When activated, this ability provides a status buff to friendly units to briefly increase their speed, damage output and cause them to explode if they die while under its effect.
  • Napalm Missiles – Sometimes a more direct approach is needed to deal with serious threats and when Kinsano’s units or friendly buffs won’t do, she can call down a Napalm Missile strike to annihilate anything caught in its path.
  • Inferno – Kinsano can call upon her ultimate offensive power – the Inferno. This ability is expensive to use but unleashes a massive blast of fire leaving behind a long-lasting burning effect to anything caught in its large radius.
  • Redline  – A Tier 2 ability that provides a speed and damage boost to newly-spawned units for a limited time.
  • Heat of Battle – This Tier 3 ability offers a unique ally buff that empowers friendly units with increased damage resistance and damage output whenever they gain a kill.
  • Flame Warthog Drop – A mid-priced, Tier 3 ability that deploys three Veteran Flame Hogs to the battlefield.
  • Firestorm Battlegroup – An expensive, ultimate ability that calls down a squad of Hellbringers, a Scorpion and two Hornets while also buffing the drop zone with max-level Hellcharge.

And that’ll be all for this one, as not a lot of news are out there spiralling about this time sadly! Though, of course, as you may have seen she’s already out so I hope to see you all on the battlefield, and testing out all these abilities in amazing ways. Makes sure to call hell down on bases as well, they deserve it.

UNSC. Today, Tomorrow, Forever!




I apologise for not getting this Beacon out any sooner. Jones here for more announcements to be said from the Archive!

Not much has been going on overall, mostly just an “off” time for us all with this time of the semester/year. But things are in the works.

Just as an easy recap for you all on what we have planned and currently in the works, I will list each separately.


 Pictorial Hand – This new project of ours will be another blog! But not another blog about the lore in Halo. But more about the art, the fan art. The Pictorial Hand will showcase all works of art, whether it be writing, drawing, or music, that come from the Halo community. More on this project will be told to the public before release, but if you have any questions on it, feel free to ask me or HaruspexofHell.

Badges – We have a few new badges already in place and some coming up! Some new ones already in place are the Community Leader badge, which is given to those who served as a Juridical or Community Manager but have stepped down for any number of reasons. Another badge, that will tie in with Pictorial Hand, is the Artist badge. Made by our member lizking a while back. Will be given to those who are featured in the Pictorial Hand.

Some badges that are coming up, either during this beacon or after are the (long awaited for) Discord badge, we have a discord for use when the site is down or for just small talk and gamedays with SheSangheili for Cards Against Halo (Humanity). The badge will be given to those who are on our discord server. The second and final badge (so far) is the Indirect Achievement badge. To “tip our hat” to a special member and Ambassador of ours, Indirect. His channel on YouTube is filled with the best “Top Ten” videos on almost any game possible for it. Especially Halo. So if you are ever featured in one or more of his videos, you will be awarded with this badge.

Gamedays – So these things are going on still. Keep en eye out for our twitter and our club on Xbox for notifications on our gamedays!


That is the majority of what has been going on so far in the Archive. More of course behind curtains, but not ready for the world to see, just yet.

Last but not least. We are still looking for Constructors and Content Writers!

Constructors are the backbone of the site, they help keep it running in all forms. But currently we have very few who are able to help out, but we thank them nonetheless for their service. Want to out your CS skills to good use? Join the Constructors and help build, improve and construct the Halo Archive.

Content Writers are those who work on our blog(s). Like this one! Or even ones like DilDevs, CloneBoyOllie, HurryingCandy, HaruspexofHell and others!

If you are interested in either position above please PM me, Adv Jones, saying your interest as well as a small portfolio of what your plan to do as well as past work.


000 Tragic Solitude – Builder

Captain Ruse – Miner

Cybermat47 – Lifeworker

Dances Through Air – Builder

Dismantler – Builder

Il Nin – Builder


This week in our featured, from our very talented friends will be the following! – although with the usual.. plug of my own. wink wink, nudge nudge. 

First, from our dearest and closest Haruspis!

From your very own, HaruspexOfHell


Synth SamuraiFull Circle

Desperate Decade – A Breakdown Of Halo’s Narrative Cohesion


Podcast Evolved

Episode 116 – Banished Loot Crate


Halo Canon




Halo Team Assemble


Termacious Trickocity




“With new games, stories, and events around us and on the horizon, things are looking good for the Archive!”

– Cognitive Bias


“Memes are like pizza. They’re not healthy in large quantities. Sometimes they burn you and you get those bubbles on the roof of mouth and then they pop and you have those little bits of skin hanging down and it’s all raw and nasty. Or the crust is too hard and it stabs your mouth. Sometimes they get ruined by adding weird content like pineapple & green pepper, like, at the same time, who the hell does that? But if they’re done just right, at the perfect temperature, subject matter, toppings (extra mozzarella), punch line spot on, and consumed in moderation, they can be goddamn delightful. I’m hungry.

Also, thanks for hanging out on Halo Archive with us.”

– Mr Martini



I implore all of you to post about the lack of staff comments on the Beacons, here. Be sure to tag those accountable 😉


And that is all everyone, we apologise for the delay for this one and hope that you all pardon our dust. Between in real-life situations and a small lack of information our work became mostly halted, we promise the next one will be right on schedule like always! – hopefully at least. . . – anyhow, be sure to check out our forums, create an account, pass through the countless posts and engage in discussions! You’ll be sure to find good friends and a good time!

Also, if you feel like you have what it takes – which of course you all do, we’re all wonderful, talented people on this platform that we choose to call home! – and you want to join the Content Team or help the blogs thrive more, be sure to go towards any and all staff members of the Archive and they’ll point you in the right direction! Everyone is welcome!

HaruspexOfHell and Adv Jones, the two hooligans who WANT YOUR FEEDBACK ON THESE BEACONS! (too blunt?).

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We’ve Got Contacts Incoming! – Archive Beacon – February 24th, 2017

We’ve Got Contacts Incoming! – Archive Beacon – February 24th, 2017

Light the Beacon


Welcome to another issue of the Archive Beacon guys! Yes, this is me, HaruspexOfHell again! Hold out your cheers – or potential booing. – we’ve got ourselves a packed Beacon transmission on this day, this time coming directly from the Ark systems, so hold on to your seats and remain calm, we’ve got contacts incoming, and lots of ’em!

Main Section

By now, I’m sure most of you have gotten your hands on Halo Wars 2, especially since it released properly for all 3 days ago! If so, I hope you’re enjoying every aspect of it, the Phoenix Logs, the Campaign, Cutscenes, Skirmish, whatever your cup of tea may be, this one is a game to be cherished that will continue on longer than just what we got at vanilla.

Yes, we’re talking about the update details and the season pass’ today! And more, of course.

With Halo Wars 2 released, comes the goodies. And here’s what you can expect from the following months! First of all, I will get the fact that Welcome to the Ark is a connecting asset so that you can unlock the upcoming DLC, as per described by Grim. “There is no “Ark DLC”, that item is just an entitlement piece to help connect with DLC content overall”, I will also remind you all that if you participated in the Twitter DM game about a few months ago, keep the code you obtained handy and cash that bad boy in!

As for the Season Pass, you can expect it to bring you everything, from Campaign DLC to new Leaders. And from what we can see from recent data tampering of the game files, there’ll be seven new leaders! – At least from those that are already planned – Two of which we already know of, Morgan Kinsano and Sergeant. John Forge, John is available as Pre-Order Content, Kinsano – A Pyrotechnical Operator, Hellbringer Commander possibly, – will be part of the first month’s new content.

What we can expect from Kinsano is a lot of fire, as her abilities consist of such things, both named Flamewall and Inferno. There’s not much else known at the moment besides that.

Something else we might have to keep our eyes open to is the ability to obtain the beloved Sergeant Major. Avery Junior Johnson as teased in an early ViDoc with a suit that resembles an HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I ADS, possibly a concurrent design, Mark II, perhaps.

It should also be noted that the return of dead characters does not mean they’re still alive in-canon, we might get canonical new leaders that are present in the Ark right now, but there’ll be those like John Forge and Johnson that are not canon.

As for the new content, we can expect new content to be released every third Wednesday of a month, every month, in that we can expect to get new maps and leaders every single month, Maps will be free for everyone, regardless of whether you own the Season Pass or not; as for the new leaders and Campaign DLC, you’d have to own the Season Pass to obtain this content. We can expect to have new Campaign missions to be part of Operation: SPEARBREAKER, which would be the concurrent Operation at the Ark, and from the same tampering of the in-game files we’ve discovered that we have a ‘Banished Campaign’ coming in soon as well as a ‘UNSC Mini Campaign’, we have no more news regarding the rest of the Campaign DLCs or whether or not there’ll be more after this.

As for some of the discrepancies in the Phoenix Logs, they will be fixed and cleared up anytime soon.




Hello there all! Adv Jones, here. The Archive is always going through changes either in staff or even the site. Only a few years, I think maybe 2 at most, we only had this new forum area. But due to recent attacks on WordPress sites, 1.5 million to be exact. We got caught in the crossfire. Our entire site went down, literally everything. If any of you even tried to get to this site it was seen with some juicy info on where stuff is stored, but quickly our Constructors were able to get it all handled and under control. (We are still open for new Constructors, we can never have too many at this point in time).

And that brings up the first, actual, announcement! We plan to move the forums! No not due to the recent attack, but instead due to the services we are provided currently. We want to find a more reliable host along with the price point we need. To help with this we plan to do some possible fundraisers soon, but feel free to donate anytime you want, of course.

Second on the announcements is the Halo Wars 2 Story Contest we had going on had ended the day the Ultimate Edition released. The winner was our member StellarStateLogic! Out of the 4 submissions from her, TR-8R, She Sangheili and Ghost of War. All of the stories were fantastic. Stellar even went so far ahead to make a nice, enjoyable, readable PDF version for you all to read!


Halo Archives 2017_HaloWars2ReciprocalTales (0221)



From those stories, the authors would like to share their thoughts and inspiration to their creations.


When the contest was first announced, I figured writing as Serina would be a good choice in exploring some of the hidden information implied within the Tales from Slipspace. Prior to this contest, I’ve built some knowledge and headcanons on the possible effects to synthetic neural systems of the Flood from academic literature on neurology and psychology as I was writing my Forerunner stories. Also, from personal experience, I have a way in writing characters with mental disabilities and so writing a Smart-AI slowly going rampant (who is not Cortana) is something I’ve always wanted to try out. Once that’s set, I’ve then taken a few more weeks researching on the lore of Halo Wars and UNSC AI techs to try to make sure that I would be able to write as one.

Writing isn’t a linear process for me and I don’t normally start writing from the beginning. For “The Mouser and The Sea”, I began with a sketch of the final paragraph to set down the overall tone of the story and worked closely with canonical information and facts to put the pieces together and make it lore-coherent. I took visual inspirations from the cutscenes of Halo Wars and turned them into something more symbolic. Such as the beginning of every paragraph where Serina said “The other night…” was mainly because she was always shown to be standing in dimmed spaces. After her rampancy began to show, she began the recounts with “The other day…”, this is because, from canonical reference, we can be confident to say that AIs and Ancillae can experience a stage similar to “enlightenment”, a concept similar to attaining higher spirituality and transcendence where light is used a strong visual element, which is why I used it as an indicator. What gets ironic is that AIs are objectively thinking to their own death as they are subjectively experiencing this exponential omniscience. In the end of the story, it’s implied that Serina has become something sentient beyond her AI core and has treated the entire Spirit of Fire as her body (ref: \/skeleton\/) which is also an element of irony because figuratively she has become a “phoenix” (as implied by the SoF emblem and ship name) yet would choose to terminate herself and never to be reborn.

Another subject that was on my focus was the that one Flood infection form that has managed to hide around enough. I took logical evidence and inspiration from Roland, Black Box, and EDI from Mass Effect — all powerful AIs and/or managing over a vessel, and figured that it was very unlikely for such AIs to leave a stone unturned. I suppose Serina would most certainly notice the Flood Infection Form, and there left a space for my creativity to explore the “Why hasn’t she done something prematurely when she already knew that Flood is off-limits”. The answer to this question is provided in the piece written, where I’ve hypothesized that the Infection Form could be influencing her perception, or her rampancy has been working towards its advantages.

The title, “The Mouser and the Sea”, is a reference to Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”. Also, for the casual fun of RNG, my current forum signature is complementary to the story. ;)

Lastly, I promise some love from a no-man’s land somewhere outside the Milky Way galaxy will be delivered to Adv Jones‘s door for hosting the contest cos I heard that’s what a particular space quantum biologist has promised to us a few millennia ago.

– StellarStateLogic


My motivation was just the sudden changes in the units and the appearance of the characters. It was initially going to be a serious piece, you can probably tell by the whole ensign having a marine girlfriend that got infected with the flood bit, but then the jokes started popping into my head and yeah…

Also part of my reasoning was the fact that there seems to be a lack of humorous pieces when it comes to Halo, which I get, it’s supposed to be a universe that is engulfed in war, but there is always room for humor, as Marvel has taught me.

– TR-8R


I love the Halo universe and feel that any and every story can be scrutinized and fleshed out in full detail, no matter how simple it may seem. The Haloverse is so vast and filled to the brim with stories and lore that you can pull from anything and get something juicy and tender to sink your teeth into, one such story is Halo Wars. For many, Halo Wars is a story of the Spirit of Fire fighting , but for me, Halo Wars is a story about two opposing sides, the Covenant and Humanity, and in Halo Wars 2 this changes to The Banished and The Spirit of Fire.

I chose to tackle the foremost in it’s ending battle, the ultimate resolution to the first story in which the Flood, UNSC and Covenant were all at odds fighting in one space, everything was at stake and they had everything to lose. I wanted to try a dual perspective with this story, blending both sides together at points and contrasting them at others. For all intents and purposes, the warriors of the Covenant and the soldiers of the UNSC are one in the same, fighting for their beliefs and for their own lives. In The Doorbell, (Which was named as a cheek-in-tongue reference to an achievement from the 15th mission) I wanted to have two soldiers on opposing sides doing what you did best in Halo Wars, fighting all out with two groups until only one is left standing. Other than names, you won’t get back-story from these soldiers, they are dime-a-dozen members of an overall battle that are simply doing their part in the overall scheme, and this story is only one of the hundreds from just that battle alone.

I wanted to showcase the grit of the quick and dirty skirmishes featured in the game, what would be a five minute encounter between units on a more grounded and in-the-action perspective. In Halo Wars, you will always see your units from the sky, but in this story I wanted to be right there next to them, right in the thick of it. It’s short, sweet and to the point, and hopefully will provide a quick and exciting feast for your eyes as you read through it. I enjoyed tackling a story in the Halo Universe that was smaller in scale and scope, but allowed just enough room for detail, and am thankful for the competition that took place that gave me the opportunity to do so!

– Ghost of War


I just put it on repeat. Though I watched the music video as well and it spoke to me in a strange way as there were people praying and dancing which went from jerky to other extreme of close and intimate dancing. And from there it slowly built up into an idea.

I was going to stop after the fight with the humans but it spiraled into what I wrote when I tried to stop the song was in sync with my thoughts about stopping as there would be a lyric that would spark another idea in my head or the song would restart again sparking an idea in my head. The song starts in that “mournful” tone as how the song starts with her trying to come to terms with everything. I wanted to focus on the whole idea of her having a crisis of faith but I already have a few shorts between her and Ripa and so like how the song changes into a faster pace that spark lit that inferno of an idea.

The second half when she starts dancing is when I couldn’t stop myself from occasionally getting up from my laptop and start dancing around my room. As the beat of the song picks up and goes from mournful sounding to the lighter beat. Which fits with the music video as when the beat picks up the dancing becomes closer which is around the time in the story when Ripa shows up. The lyric of a Different kind of Danger that’s repeated quite frequently really helped the idea evolve the story from just Re’gish having a crisis of faith to it being a crisis of her realizing that she’s been flirting back with a madman. Which leads to the dancing as I just have a headcanon, which can also be seen in many of my shorts involving Sangheili, of it being part of their evolution as many animals have display rituals and maybe they lost the other parts that helped during that display ritual but dancing is something that is important to the Sangheili.

I feel like this was the story I originally wanted to write. But I was missing the song and well I was reluctant to write a short that danced that edge of smut for a contest. But I’m glad I stuck to my guns of what I like to write xD

– She Sangheili

Last but not least, is our gamedays. We have been trying to get them in a consistent time frame so then everyone has the ability to join in on with a week day or weekend day. So if you are on during Wednesday and Friday at 5 PM EST or after and see either I (GT: Adv Jones), Preston Cole (GT: HA PrestonCole) or Logan (GT: Sith Venator) online, send us a message and we will get you in as soon as possible. We tend to play customs, but open to branch out into others along with other Halo games. Join us tonight and next week for some gameday fun!


Timeless OneBuilder


This week coming straight from our affiliates and colleagues we’ve got these awesome things!

I’ll start with the posts, like last time, our dear friend Chronarch has written these two posts that are quite amazing reads.



As some of you may know, I have been writing a story about the UNSC Roman Blue, that is being hosted right here in the Archive! A multi-chapter story called A Roman In Blue.

The rest of the chapters shall come in due time! Remember to check this blog post out for updates on my work!




Halo Team Assemble


343i Community


Termacious Trickocity



I guess I am the only one doing a comment…you all should PM the rest of Staff and tell them how horrible they are for not making a comment for this Beacon.

– Adv Jones


And that will be it for this issue, and now, the time has arrived to bring this one to a close, I know, I know, I probably missed something, I perhaps didn’t! Hopefully, you’ve found this one to be quite appetizing and filled to the brim with delicious information to keep you going! As always, though, remember to go to the forums, create an account, engage in discussions, you’ll be sure to find good friends and surely you’ll find a discussion just as good!

And as a tiny reminder, we still need writers to help us keep the site lively and filled with all the amazing content we may bring, you can always send any and all staff a private message regarding the Content Team! Knocking on the door is not entering, but I can assure you, you’ll have some fun!

And that brings it to a close! Hope you all are doing good, and that you have a good weekend! Oh and play a lot of Halo Wars 2!

HaruspexOfHell and Adv Jones, the two hooligans who seem to blow up the site with every Beacon.

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We Have Lift Off – Archive Beacon – February 3rd, 2017

We Have Lift Off – Archive Beacon – February 3rd, 2017

Light the Beacon.


Hello again! *crickets* Glad to see so many of you back! This Beacon we have a ton of new Halo news for you from our affiliates and from us as well! From us, the Staff team has decided on a new structure for the former Rater Leader system and how the Prefects are chosen and perform. Our affiliates, well theirs is the most fun of all. So let’s dive into the rabbit hole!

Main Section

Halo Wars 2 is almost here! Have you seen our contest to win a copy? A few members have already submitted their stories and so far so good! They’re really entertaining in all aspects! They will be shared in the next Beacon for you all to enjoy.

How did you all do on the Blitz Beta? Did you dominate every match? Destroy all of their weak, sniveling, worthless troops and vehicles? Or did you not do very well? Thankfully, Creative Assembly came up with a few tips and tricks to ease the pain away.


Well, if you haven’t read it yet, Grim came out with a new Canon Fodder this week too. Including new info on Halo Wars 2 and it’s Phoenix Logs, that are…logs, of info for lore aficionados. Like us!

Also included are several new helmets coming to Halo 5. A total of 9 helmets,, coming from Halo 3 and Reach. All look fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them!

I’m going to end it for this, right here. Click the link above to get more juicy details that have come in the Canon Fodder!




Here is the run-down for the new Prefect Team structure and roles:

Each team will come up with any and all ideas they want to submit to the Staff team (CM’s, Admins, Metarchs and Mods). The Staff team will then decide on which projects the Archive needs at the time being. So don’t think we don’t plan on your idea if it is shot down the first time, keep it in a bank (aka thread). Each Prefect team should have threads started for the discussion of ideas, best to keep it at a monthly discussion so then it can be easier for storage when having to look back. Or if the idea is really something to keep fruitful then make it’s own thread, probably best for large and extreme projects.

Each Prefect member will in charge of any part in the project they are currently working in, as long as it isn’t taken already. The point is to find projects that will grow the Archive, but obtain the growth from it’s members who want the best for the Archive as well for them in this experience.

The Rate Leader position has been taken down for the Prefect Teams. But the title has not, it is now obtained via post count.

Any questions or comments on this change from the Rate Leaders to Prefect Teams, please PM any or all Staff.


Our recent Community Manager, JSA343 (Now, Cognitive Bias) and Anton (once a Metarch) have been promoted to their next rate, Administrator. Bringing our Admin count to 3, including Gob.

The Metarch rate has also changed its form.

Metarchs are senior and founding members who lurk and help when and where needed, or when called upon to serve. They’ve put in the hours and paid their dues, and we are forever indebted to them. True Legends.

Positions held by Mendicant Bias and Media Bias.




Check out the latest and greatest from our members and affiliates!


343i Community Forum


Halo Team Assemble




Termacious Trickocity


Staff Comments



This was a sort of short but full one. :brother:

Hopefully the next will be more entertaining! This one, I admit, was a little rushed! We all had a bunch of RL stuff going on and trying to get this Prefect thing together along with the comfyness that HaruspexOfHell gave us when helping out with the past few Beacons. But I promise the next will be more filling.

Love, The Brother (we merged into one),

Adv Jones

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Looking Ahead: A New Year – Archive Beacon – January 13th, 2017

Looking Ahead: A New Year – Archive Beacon – January 13th, 2017

Light the Beacon.


And so, 2016 comes to an end. For Halo, it’s been a pretty big year, with much of its hype and focus continuing on into 2017. But here, I’d like to talk about the Archive. It’s been a pretty big year for us as well, and we’re all so happy to see how this community has grown. We made some significant advances throughout the year, especially in the last few months. Now, we look forward towards the new year ahead of us.

Have you all made your New Year’s resolutions yet? A collection of desires and goals for the upcoming year, things to change and improve, things to start and continue. Well, the Archive’s staff have made some resolutions. And we’d like to share some with you, along with a few general updates and plans.

Main Section

With 2016 leaving and 2017 coming ahead, everyone is still on holiday time it seems. Not much in the Halo world of news. But be sure to check out all of our Affiliates/Ambassador/Partnership content! Some will be posted below, but only their newest content.

I guess the real fun is for the next update with the return of some favoured armour. Some original armour from Halo 3!


But the little news we’ve got around the place are pretty exciting, to say the least, though, with a modicum of disappointment, with a new release comes new messes in pre-order privileges and such, Halo Wars 2 is right around the corner, just barely 6 weeks away now and in the following I shall be spreading the knowledge that should be rightfully spread.

Also, no, we’re not getting steel books, at least not anyone outside of Australia which is their exclusive pre-order piece in EBGames. The Atriox Edition.

So let’s get this going, shall we? Okay.


  • Through the Microsoft Store, we’ll get an exclusive Isabel Blitz Pack so it seems, as well with the basic, Welcome To The Ark content, Season Pass, Halo Wars Definitive Edition and of course, Halo Wars 2.
  • Through Gamestop, you shall receive a pin pack including five Halo Wars 2 themed pins, as well as the aforementioned content in the game.
  • At GAME, you shall receive two Blitz starter packs, one Atriox themed and the other Let ‘Volir theme. And of course, all the Halo Wars 2: UE content.
  • If you bought it with, you shall receive a Captain. Cutter Blitz starter pack.
  • At EBGames, you’ll be preordering the Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Atriox Edition; which contains 2 exclusive pins, the steel book, Atriox and Let ‘Volir Blitz Starter Pack as well as all the privileges and content of the Ultimate Edition.
  • And last but not least; Best Buy, you’ll again get the same content in the Ultimate Edition as well as the Decimus Blitz Starter pack and an Atriox Statue.

That concludes the pre-orders, at least what we have right now, let’s move on towards the next two topics now!


So, we’ve recently got news that the latest Loot Crate will be Atriox Themed! We don’t have much information on what it will bring but we’re sure it will be awesome! ..I, myself, I just want my hands on those files.


And last but not least, the Cancellation of Project Haggar, a Halo Mega Bloks game that surfaced not long ago being developed by a group called N-Space, you will be able to watch the video below.


As well as the last batch of news coming in recently about Halo Wars 2, first.

The open Beta will be available from January 20th to the 30th. If you played the first build of the beta back a few months ago, you can redownload the client now on your Xbox and get ready in advance for the beta! If your weapon of choice will, however, be the PC, you can download it through the Windows 10 Store

And last but not least, the Twitter Account ISA1307-2 has surfaced not so long ago and she only has one Tweet in the account dictating the following date:

01\ 17\ 2017

Could be some kind of anagram for the tag 117 that we know and love, but something is certain, the fact that there’s something coming on the 17th, now, we have a few theories which I will list below.

  1. This will lead towards an ARG (Which is what I personally believe.)
  2. This will be something Text transmission fragments. Something akin to BioWare’s tweets when they were marketing ME2 and ME3 DLC.
  3. A new audio drama much like ILB or HTT, which will run for the following five weeks up until the release of Halo Wars 2 in February the 20th.

So, that will be all, Spartans. This is all the news I have for you guys today!


Halo Shipping

Halo: Fleet Battles Discussion

Halo Wars 2


Star Wars




Remember to submit your stories to Adv Jones before February the 14th, to enter the giveaway for Halo Wars 2! And remember that you must at least be a Manipular on our forums to enter. 

More information on how to win it, rules, etc will be left on this linky link!


    • You may have noticed a notable site slowdown in performance over the last few months before we made a major effort to resolve the issues. Our initial trials and tests proved encouraging, but some complications may prevent us from implementing our solutions in full. Still, we continue to search for and discuss ways to keep the site running smoothly and quickly, for the convenience of all of us.


    • As we work on the technical side of things, we are still in the process of moving through some internal work too. As such, we will continue to delete and merge old, cluttered threads throughout the forum. This aims to increase site performance (the original chat thread was over one thousand pages long!), and also reduce clutter in the larger and older sections and subsections around the forum. If there are any older topics you want to be saved or remembered, be sure to save/record them yourselves or PM an active staff member to temporarily preserve it.


    • We use a pinning system and a featured system to highlight important and valuable topics around the forum. It’s become apparent, however, that we’re not very good at maintaining their use. Thus, we have sections with an entire page full of pinned topics, and now irrelevant featured topics. Early on in the New Year, we will reevaluate all the pinned and featured threads to reduce clutter and allow the truly important topics to remain at the top. Be aware that this may result in some threads changing position in the thread list.


    • The World Events board has received an update in regards to its specific rules and guidelines. This policy aims to improve discussion across the board. Be sure to review the revised rules and guidelines before jumping into discussion.


        • WE WANT WRITERS – PM an active staff member to inquire about publishing on the Archive’s blog. Join our content team and write about Halo! Reviews, analyses, theories, discussions, ideas, connections, etc. We’ve got some room for activity.
        • We plan to continue scheduled Archive Beacons and other staff updates.


        • We will review applications and appoint a new Community Manager. (Applications are no longer accepted, atm)
        • WE NEED CONSTRUCTORS – PM an active staff member to inquire about being a part of the Archive’s Constructor rank, a group that focuses on the technical side of the site and forum. If you have technical computer skills and web design skills (CSS, HTML, PHP…) and are interested in helping to maintain our website, we’d be very happy to hear from you!

General Community:

        • We hope to employ a variety of community-building events and ideas throughout the year. PM Community Managers with ideas and suggestions on ways to get involved, particularly on the side of community game nights and ideas. Specifics to come in time, as they’re finalised.
        • Reclaimer Membership – The Archive has many hopes and goals, but we do need money to make that happen. If you’d like to support the Archive, consider joining the Reclaimers for special forum tools and benefits. This includes coloured text, exclusive fonts, no PM storage limit, Reclaimer title and badge, a custom title, larger signatures, allowed a display name change once every 30 days, the Reclaimer forum section, and you will not see ads. Also, Reclaimer benefits can receive updates and improvements when our Constructors get bored. View specifications HERE.


None  for this Beacon… C’mon! It’s only 30 posts!



Man have our YouTube Affiliates been working hard to keep up the flow of great content! Here are some videos that we recommend you all to watch.


HiddenXperia here with his first video for 2017!


One video here from our friends at 343i Community Forum (343iCF)! They have been doing videos on XCOM 2, but with Spartans! Check out their latest episode:


Halo Canon starts his new year off with some more of “Let’s Lore”


And last but not least is our boy, Indirect. Coming in with some hot “no scopes” for our eyes.

Staff Comments


Happy New Year!  Two things:

The search for a new Community Manager is ongoing.  We expect to have made a decision in the near future so stay tuned for who earns the spot!

Also, the Content Team is putting together several projects for in the near future.  Keep an eye out for details.

 – Preston Cole


Happy New Year!

Hope this year we all have more fun with this universe of ours and encourage positive change throughout it! 

 – Adv Jones


It’s been a great year, and I eagerly look forward what the Archive can accomplish in this next year. Our staff is working hard to maintain a positive and constructive environment for discussion and community interaction, and we can’t wait for some of the things to come!

– JSA343



So, that brings this issue of the Archive Beacon to a close!

Though, as usual, I shall remind you all to make sure to make an account on our forums and join the discussions! And if you are savvy in the computer science sector, please contact any and all Staff if you would like to help, and be part of the Constructor Team for the forums. Help create the forum new additions, along with maintaining it along the way!

I’d also make sure to pass by the forums, engage in discussions, create posts and engage on healthy debacles with our many members in our community!

And one last thing before we bring this to a close properly, remember that we are looking for writers! Anyone is welcome to help keep the torch in our midst alive thriving with content, doesn’t matter what you’re looking to write, articles, analysis, theories, reviews, etc, etc. Just contact anyone in the Staff and they’ll brief you through the detail! It’s all good fun, though, working on your own posts can prove to be quite exciting!

Until next time, however, see you all on February, 3rd!


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Wars Reminiscent – Archive Beacon – December 23rd,  2016

Wars Reminiscent – Archive Beacon – December 23rd, 2016

Light the Beacon. 


Hello, everyone! The FNG here speaking; HaruspexOfHell, accompanied by Jones! It’s been three weeks since the last Beacon and my last contribution to it, though it does seem like these are gonna be on schedule again! So let us rejoice for that.


I’d probably guess this is my time to introduce myself into the Beacons, mostly since of course many of you might not know who even am I or why am I writing this, well, in the interest of time I shall tell you the in-a-nutshell of this; I am a writer, amateur at least, aspiring of countless things of course, I am a guy living in a little hole called Venezuela too, I also host the ProgressiveHalo podcasts with my good friends Adopter, Metal and Reiku!


Well, that is enough talk about me, let’s plot a course and jump away right into the Beacons! This week’s Beacon shall be as always a compilation of all the information released in the past two weeks, so let’s not waste too much time and jump right into it, shall we?

Main Section

Okay! First things first, have you seen the new trailer for Halo Wars 2?! If so what are you doing with your life!




There have been a few things here and there, obviously, the Halo Wars 2 trailer and the ability to play Halo Wars Definitive Edition early with the pre-order of Halo Wars 2’s Ultimate Edition, if you haven’t Pre-Ordered it, what are you waiting for? Two awesome games and the season pass? Get on that now!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your Ultimate Edition before the 14th, your code will take somewhat longer to arrive at your Xbox Live Message inbox. If it hasn’t arrived still be patient, it will arrive! I got mine already, so I hope to see you all on the battleground!

Did you also see the newest update to Halo 5? If not, let us begin with this juicy goldmine of entirely new stuff, okay. Are you with me? Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale… 


Monitor’s Bounty:



Okay, let’s start with the basics. Remember the last post, I was speaking about the M319 Grenade Launcher from reach coming back? I called it the Pro pipe. Well, about that, it seems we’ve got our very own Pro Pipe! I guess I can say I called it? Yeah? Okay! We’ve also got both variants now, such a great addition, however, it seems that one REQ variant is missing too if the leaks are anything to go by. Possibly coming with the next update as they did run out of space with this update.

And we’ve got two new beautiful maps; Barren and Depths, both amazing, both going to be the fruition of many great ideas and who even thought of an underwater map? Because I didn’t know I needed it in my life until I stepped foot in that map, such a beautiful view.


Oh! We’ve also got a beautiful pair of Wasps coming straight out of the bakery, the REQ bakery! Welcome, ONI Wasp ‘Duskdevils’ & Hannibal Wasp one which I will dub the ‘Blue Devil’. Will it catch on, though? I doubt it, ha. I think it is extremely fitting, though.

Let me remind you also, that we’ve got ourselves the AA Wraith completely playable for the first time (Not as a glitch in Halo 3, mind you.) Available to us in the sandbox of Halo 5: Guardians.


Now, this brings us to the more extreme changes, okay, let’s see what’s ahead of us. Yes, you know that thing called a custom browser? Well, it is AMAZING, we’ve hosted a couple of matches just on the first day and we’ve got over 20 people in one match once, it was nuts, nuts enough that it almost crashed my Xbox, and is that a good thing? YES.

The most fun I’ve ever had in the Halo Sandbox for sure, surely, expect more game nights from. . . Relatively everyone! 


Now let’s move on to Forge! 

The changes are just immense, from Sangheili architecture pieces to equipment, to flags, hell, the phantom has individual pieces you can delete! Am I excited for that mundane little aspect, though? Heck yes! And, it’s not mundane, retract that!

Oh! And of course, we’ve got some crazy new scripts which, if you didn’t know the Japanese part of the community is going crazy with! Crazy enough to build a bloody calculator! Can we just appreciate all the work of our favourite Bearded Forge Magician Tom French?  Okay, here’s a small list!

  • Action Target
  • Multiple Actions
  • Script Options
  • Script Disabling
  • Enhanced Scripts
  • New Conditions
  • New Actions

Let us also cherish the fact that Race and King of the Hill are coming back! Along with a new mode called Battle Gold which I’ll surely be trying out! I’m sure Ducain is very happy thanks to this! And so am I, being a huge advocate for King of the Hill, I almost peed myself of excitement hearing about it… But those are enough details. Let’s forget that happened…


Moving on! Warzone!

One thing, Heroic Warzone Firefight, which in my opinion is way too easy, but I’m sure many of you might appreciate this change of pacing in the game modes, especially those who struggled in the basic Warzone FF, we’ll now have Legendary and Heroic, accompanied by Mythic Firefight! Which will feature the return of the skull activation per round! Here’s the layout which I may or may not have copy pasted but. . . Look past that fact!

  • Round 1: Tough Luck
  • Round 2: Tough Luck – Blackeye
  • Round 3: Tough Luck – Blackeye – Thunderstorm
  • Round 4: Tough Luck – Blackeye – Thunderstorm – Catch
  • Round 5: Tough Luck –Blackeye – Thunderstorm – Catch – Mythic

Are you excited? Are you feeling it yet, Mr. Krabs!? Because I sure am and I am going to be playing on it all the time, I always enjoy a challenge! Oh, and I guess I should say… You know the Unggoy Goblins? Yeah, those lil shi– Uh, those funny little guys… Yup, I meant that, yeah they’re giving them a variant with a Scarab Beam! We’re going to have so much fun!

Also, Temple and Prospect will also be added to the Firefight rotation! Which I am happy about, I wanted those maps in the rotation so bad. But we shall move on now! Because we’ve got more people!



OK! They’ve separated Arena into two playlists! Ranked and Social! Finally, I’d say, been waiting for this kind of separation for so long! So as you would’ve guessed we’re getting different playlists on each side, so here, I’ll list them out below, and I think that’ll be it. I THINK. 

Social Playlists:

Team Skirmish. Action Sack, Super Fiesta, Triple Team, Infection, Shotty Snipers, Grifball & Big Team Battle.

Ranked Playlists:

Team Arena, Slayer, FFA, Doubles, Team Snipers, SWAT & Breakout.

And I believe that brings all of this to a close, oh dear all of this hurt to write in one go, my handsamputate them! Just kidding, don’t. No, don’t put the hatchet in the pyre, no wait STOP– Okay, enough about that, I also want to plug in the fact that they’ve fixed the aiming in the game, seems way smoother and seems ghosts melees are gone too, so rejoice!


Also, on a last note as I forgot all about this, we all would’ve received a free giftable gold REQ Pack, so go ahead and send those now! Send them to those in need of REQ progression, though, and a word of advice ask first if they need them, there’s been plenty of people who have the REQ progression complete and have unlocked everything who have received god know how many REQs! Also if you don’t know who to send it to.. You could always, y’know, help a brother out, gift it to me! 😀 Just kidding, haha.

And we’ll see you all on the battlefield!

Also, remember to be hyped about the new update, because we may or may not be getting some of these amazing helmets!


Halo: Smoke & Shadow

Halo Wars 2

Halo: Tales From Slipspace


The Last of Us

Mass Effect



Our dearest staff and member Ellisrael will be leaving us to venture on to new experiences in life towards success and happiness. Everyone from the  Archive wishe him the best and hope he comes and drops in from time to time. So don’t be a stranger, Elli! We’ll supply you an infinite amount of thig– I mean…”joy”.

With that a position is open and Preston Cole has created a post asking any and all members to apply. Here is the link to it, please submit everything required by him to be considered.


Along with that open position, the Rate Advisors will be getting some new fresh meat for some of the Rates!

Congratulate Adopter of Knowledge and Phenotype in being the new Rate Advisors for the Builders!

And congratulate TR-8R to being a new Rate Advisor for the Lifeworkers!


Remember the Prefects? Well, we have finally decided on their “image” and thus a badge was made. So now all Prefects will be back into their respected Rate, but now with a shiny new badge to educate other members of their time of staff service and/or large helpful contributions to the site. Yes, they are still considered to be community leader figures and support for when no staff or mod is around.


Ambassadors and Affiliates also now are a little more refined in their role and how to obtain that role.

Check it out here for all the details on the requirements to becoming an Affiliate/Ambassador with us!




A Lazy ShisnoBuilder


We’ve got some exciting stuff coming our way, here’s all we’ll have featured in the site and affiliates! For starters, will be the series of posts that Synth Samurai has brought us from his project, Full Circle!


Have you read these amazing new posts by our nearest and dearest Chronarch yet? No? What the heck are you doing?! Cmon get that bum over there and read them!



Yours truly, HaruspexOfHell


I’ll also like to plug this one here ’cause y’know, it’s awesome!


From our member and fellow YouTuber Indirect, we’ve got ourselves his newest Halo 5: Guardians Top Ten video!


Our fellow friends at ProgressiveHalo have started posting the I Love Bees phenomenon that shook us all during the marketing of Halo 2 back when, if you haven’t listened to them and don’t know where to listen to it as the chapters and positioning of the tracks is quite tricky, well, you can listen to them now here!


We’ve also set up a ProgressiveHalo Discord for everyone to join! You can join here!



Podcast EvolvedEpisode 108: David in the Big City!

Staff Comments

Happy Holidays friends!  I hope you all enjoy your time with friends and family.  It was a strong year for the Archive, and 2017 is shaping up to be even better.  Thank you for a fantastic year!


-Prenald J. Jcole.


Hope you all have a good holiday season! We will see you next year 😉

-Adv Jones


The new year nearly upon us. It’s been a great one for the Archive, and I eagerly await the trouble fun we’ll get into in the next year. Let’s make this new year a worthy successor to the Archive’s success!




Again, here we are at the end of the post, these are a lot of fun to make and for sure I’ll probably be helping make more of these in the future myself, though we do need help on this end, so if you feel qualified to help out with these and perhaps do more of your own stuff if you’d like, just shoot a PM to any of the CMs with a detailed outline/resume as to why you feel fit for the role!

It’s good fun, so if my word is anything to go by – maybe a little biased myself, but who knows? Haha – If you feel like you’re a good fit but you’re uncertain about it, just try it out, PM any of the CMs, ask for any details and get a feel for it, we’re always taking applications and more hands on deck is always a good thing! Besides, like I said, it is damn fun to write and do your own things!

Oh! Before we bring this to a close, make sure to make an account on our forums and join the discussions! And if you are savvy in the computer science sector, please contact any and all Staff if you would like to help be part of the Constructor Team for the forums. Help create the forum new additions along with maintaining it along the way!

That’ll be all for this one! Make sure to pass by the forums, engage in discussions and keep the fire going! Until next time! See you all on January 13th!

HaruspexOfHell and Adv Jones, formerly Brother Jones, who is now trapped in my basement, eating old moldy cheese.

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News Galore! – Archive Beacon – December 1, 2016

News Galore! – Archive Beacon – December 1, 2016

Light the Beacon.


Hey there everyone! It has been several weeks since the last beacon and thus this one should be a compilation of those past few missed beacons.

The staff has been busy with our own lives and have been trying to keep our heads together, overall. But we have not forgotten about these beacons and the Archive! This one will be a huge read through with several new things coming from not only the Haloverse but also our own site progress too.

So everything from game updates, new fiction to read and interviews that we have coming in the future are ahead in this new beacon!

Let’s begin!

Main Section

There have been a few amazing things happening in the world of Halo! And there’s a lot. .  . So, let’s start without further a due shall we?

*takes a deep breath*

For one both the 15th Anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo: The Fall of Reach – Which is better known as the official birth of Halo – we’d like to wish a happy birthday to Halo and we hope that there’re many more years on the horizon, I do believe that we’re just getting started!

Several new upcoming novels such as HALO: Retributions have been discovered, this novel is being written by Troy Denning, possibly following Halo: Fracture’s  A Necessary Truth by Troy Denning as well. There’s also whispers of a Library Edition Volume 2, possibly containing comics such as Initiation, Escalation and Tales From Slipspace in one tight little package.

And by this point and time, HALO: Smoke And Shadow has already released back on November 28th! I’d suggest you get it like right now! It is bloody amazing

There’re also been several new details coming from the shores of the development of Halo Wars 2! Such as the new game mode called Blitz, which bases its approach towards pure mayhem, using a card deck system where you are allowed utilise a deck of cards which you pick before the start of each game, the objectives are to capture three points, the more you hold them the faster you’ll win.

There’s also a firefight – AI VS Player mode – coming to Blitz, in all fairness, it looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to try it out in the upcoming second Beta nearing its launch on February 2017!

There was also a simple image that possibly shook more than one of us, either for good or bad, the ability to utilise Sergeant John Forge in multiplayer matches as a leader, I guess some of us will dust off those Grizzly rush skills.

Now, let’s speak about the new update for Halo 5: Guardians shall we? You know the one, if not, let me refresh your memory with the simple word of PRO PIPE, THE PRO PIPE IS COMING BACK! Okay! Now that I’ve gotten that out, shall we continue speaking about it? Yeah? Okay.

Well, the update seems to come with a selection of new things, especially forge assets straight out of Sanghelios which I guess you could say that they’re Straight outta Vadam’s Keep? Well, that was awful, I regret that joke. Anyways, moving on there will also be an AA Wraith added along as the speculated Hannibal Wasp whose main weaponry is, of course, the gauss canon. Among these, there will also be

Anyways, moving on there will also be an AA Wraith added along as the speculated Hannibal Wasp whose main weaponry is, of course, the gauss canon. Among these, there will also be a custom game browser, which will allow you to seek for custom games with relative ease coming to both PC and Xbox One’s versions of Halo 5: Guardians!

Among these, there will also be a custom game browser, which will allow you to seek for custom games with relative ease coming to both PC and Xbox One’s versions of Halo 5: Guardians! Oh, and let’s not forget that we’ll possibly get more maps for Warzone Firefight!

Oh, and let’s not forget that we’ll possibly get more maps for Warzone Firefight! Possibly not new maps, but only maps from the other playlists shall be added onto the Firefight playlist, here’s hoping for new maps, however!

-15 years of Halo, Halo Wars 2, new Halo 5: Guardians game updates with alleged new map(s) for Warzone Firefight, REQs, Forge Items, and more, with incoming novels like Halo: Smoke and Shadow, Retribution, Legacy of Onyx, etc fiction? Anything else? Etc?




HALO eSports






Remember last beacon where we said that we had a few sci-fi authors lined up for Q&A sessions? Well, some are still in the process (mostly setting dates, but all said yes).

One will be with the amazing author, Dr David Brin.

He “is a scientist, best-selling author and tech-futurist. His novels include Earth, The Postman (filmed in 1997) and Hugo Award winners Startide Rising and The Uplift War. A leading commentator and speaker on modern trends, his nonfiction book The Transparent Society won the Freedom of Speech Award of the American Library Association. Brin’s newest novel EXISTENCE explores the ultimate question: billions of planets are ripe for life. So where is Everybody?”

Brin contributed the idea of Slipstream Travel to Halo, derived from his Uplift Series, with the following – Uplift Wars, Brightness Reef, Infinity’s Shore & Heaven’s Reach – Which have been utilised and adopted by Halo, Doctor Who, Andromeda and Star Trek alike.

Dr. Brin is also a scientist with knowledge in the topics of astrophysics, anthropology, psychology, philanthropy and dispute resolution. Several of his scientific papers have been published along with helping depict the portrayal of a comet in most models used by other scientist.


Another with the fantastic,  Prof Luke Cuddy.

He is a professor in philosophy at Southwestern College in California. He has published several works in the sci-fi/fantasy realm on universes such as The Legend of Zelda, Bioshock, World of Warcraft and of course Halo.

His work consisted on taking a deeper look into the series, from a philosophical level he went through the series asking questions such as the following; Are campers really doing anything wrong? Does Halo’s music match the experience of the gamer? Would Plato have used Halo to train citizens to live an ethical life? What sort of Artificial Intelligence exists in Halo and how is it used? Can the player’s experience of war tell us anything about actual war? And so on.


Last but not least, however, is the author of that sought to lighten what had been left to darkness, none other than The Forerunner Saga, by Greg Bear.

His work has covered themes of galactic conflict (Forge of God books), artificial universes (The Way series), consciousness and cultural practices (Queen of Angels), and accelerated evolution (Blood Music, Darwin’s Radio, and Darwin’s Children). His most recent work is the Forerunner Trilogy, written in the Halo universe. Greg Bear has written 44 books in total. Greg Bear was also one of the five co-founders of the San Diego Comic-Con.

Bear is often classified as a hard science fiction author, based on the scientific details in his work. Early in his career, he also published work as an artist, including illustrations for an early version of the Star Trek Concordance and covers for Galaxy and F&SF. He sold his first story, “Destroyers”, to Famous Science Fiction in 1967.


So if you have any questions to ask these amazing authors and scholars, post them HERE in our forums and we will add them to the list. Don’t hesitate to ask the toughest questions! Again no set dates for them all, due to conflicting work schedules from them, but we are ecstatic to know we will get our chance!


Maturations – new members from November and December maturations!

Prismatic Eclipse – Builder

Lunaramethyst – Builder

LoZza117 – Builder

Cryptyaka – Builder

PenitentTangent – Lifeworker

WowHaloloreist – Builder

Drtraumaty – Lifeworker

Vien ‘Quitonm – Builder

HaruspexOfHell – Builder


There have been several revisions and adjustments for the Archive. With the site now being over a year old and almost two years down, we notice that things can be a little better. So be aware that our “home” site, not the forums, will be getting some “reconstructive surgery”. This will be done gradually, but also in large chunks where needed. So if one end of our site is down, it is temporary. And hopefully, the new look will be refreshing and easier to navigate. But don’t expect a huge change, just more “cleanliness”.

Along with the site getting a “makeover” some of the Rates will be getting a “makeover” as well. The Rates in development are Ambassadors and Prefects.

Prefects will be getting a badge soon instead of their own Rate. This allows members to then be able to go back to the Rate they originally were to progress in there but also be signified with a badge to show they are Prefects. Prefects again are slightly lower-tier Juridicals. The only difference between a Prefect and a Juridical is that a Prefect is less active. Prefects are community leader figures. This change for Prefects will happen within the end of the year.

Ambassadors though are not solidified in their possible change just yet. But is being discussed on the base of who constitutes as an ambassador and what the specifications or guidelines need to be met to become one. This will be done in no set deadline, but gradually. The main topic is trying to find a merge with Ambassadors and Affiliates to be one, but also not have a negative effect on those members who are either or. More info on this process will be revealed next beacon.


We have had some really new stuff come to our site from several members. Here is what we have featured on our site and affiliates…


MetalHeadSpartanAdopter of KnowledgeHaruspexOfHell, Reiku  and several other guests they have on each episode of their new podcast called Progressive Podcast on their YouTube channel Progressive Halo. They talk about the future of Halo and discussions that are…well…progressive towards the topics at hand. Here is the latest episode:


From our member and YouTuberIndirect, is his latest Halo 5 Top Ten video:

There’s also been a new episode of Podcast Evolved released just a few days ago! Be sure to check them out by hitting this link! It is their 106th episode; Draw me like one of your exploding Sam’s, send some love!

Synth Samurai has brought us another post from his site, project and book Full Circle. Here is a list of his recent work up to now:



Staff Comments

We have all been really busy with our own lives and thus staff has shifted a little bit. No comments from all of the staff in this Beacon, but we all say hello and glad to see everyone still alive and kickin’!


Sorry for the delay on these beacons. They are really fun to do, but also with life in the works, they take some time to do, which is a hard thing to find. So if you feel that you can help out in this way for staff and want to join our ranks, PM any Community Manager with a detailed outline/resume as to why you would be a good fit. We are always taking applications!

Be sure to make an account on our forums and join the discussion of the Haloverse! And if you are savvy in the computer science sector, please contact any and all Staff if you would like to help be part of the Constructor team for the forums. Help create the forum new additions along with maintaining it along the way!

See you all again on the eve of Christmas eve. December 23rd.

Adv Jones, formerly Brother Jones, who is now trapped in my basement, along with HaruspexOfHell.

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The Memories – Archive Beacon – September 23, 2016

The Memories – Archive Beacon – September 23, 2016

Light the Beacon.


Afternoon, Archive.

First of all, yes, you’re reading this correctly.  It’s me, JSA343. The Beacons are mine again! Or, rather, the rest of the administration was nice enough to let me write at least this one, as I get reacquainted with things.

Welcome to the Beacon, this time acting as our mid-September check up. We’ve seen more than a few interesting things taking place in the time since Brother Jones treated you to his take on the bacon Beacon, both in Halo and around the Archive.

Before we jump into the main subjects, I’ll start us off with a bit of a trip down memory lane in part to reintroduce myself, since it really has been a little while, and also to explore an interesting past of the Archive. And with this, a look into the history of the Beacons, and the Archive’s blog/site.

Memories and Story Time with JSA343

So, I’ve been on the Archive for 4 years now… or something like that. I don’t exactly remember… we’ve gone through 3 forums, 2 main sites, and innumerable smaller changes in the time that I’ve been here. For a couple years, some might have known me as Cognitive Bias, one of the three (eventually four) main admins for the Archive, before we restructured our administration (and everything, for that matter) and I became a Community Manager. With this past and experience, as you might assume, comes some history and many stories. Believe it or not, this site, these Beacons, and the blog in general, are the product of years of improvement and hard work. I was the face of the Archive’s earliest official blog, and I’ve handled the Beacons on and off for years. So, let’s go back and look at some history of the Beacons and our beloved site, shall we?


Shortly after joining the administration, I was kind of put in charge of our official blog. I managed the content submitted by our members, spearheaded an early version of the Archive Project, and became the face of the community beyond the forum. This was done through something we came to call: The Beacons. Every so often, I’d write up a little status update on Halo and the Archive community. We threw in news, Archive announcements, highlights, theories, and a ton of other things. It was really pretty disorganized, and we didn’t have nearly as good a system as we have now. The site itself was also pretty horrid. I don’t really know what went into designing it (even though I kind of had a lot of the input…), but it was just cluttered and random. The post progression and timeline were off, and it didn’t match the forum at all.


So, when we moved from our Zetaboards forum to our Proboards forum, we also overhauled the main site. Beacons stopped, submissions became problematic, and nothing was really in place for a while as we built our first legitimate home site. Finally, after a long wait, the blog was back. The Beacons returned, though I overhauled them a little bit. The Beacons were more focused, and yet more open. The news was taken out and moved to a different section, and the Beacons became more of a small staff update, though the extra content really depended on who was writing them at the time. They didn’t exactly follow a schedule (though I tried to). The site itself was finally more structured; plus it was much, much prettier. But it was a different hosting software than we had used before, and wasn’t really as intuitive. We expanded our content, and opened up even more to community input, but still kept the admins as the main writers.


When we decided to move the forum again, we knew that we had to reset the main site. It was time for a unified theme, organized and scheduled content, and the introduction of an important concept called functionality. The past iterations worked for what we needed, but as the Archive grew and became more public, we needed something that would show us off in a better light. From that, came everything you see today. Of course, we’ve modified the layout and color scheme a little as we refine the forum, but this is the culmination of years of work, and I’ve seen it all. The Beacons returned, highlighting member maturations, Halo and Archive announcements in conjunction with dedicated news sections, and the community became direct contributors. We formed content teams, set a schedule for the Beacons, implemented partnerships, and opened the gates for constant theories, discussions, and ideas to be spread beyond the Archive community. We, as an emerging major player in the Halo community, looked professional and organized.


Now, the Beacons have been revamped again. There’s a set layout (which I’m actually breaking by writing this), and we’re able to effectively cover many new sections, such as active topics, featured members, and partnership shoutouts. The Beacons have come a long way too, from my early days as their caretaker. I’m beyond pleased to see my fellow staff members lighting them with care, knowing the immense history the Beacons, as well as this very site, hold.

Main Section

As Brother Jones eloquently alluded to in the last Beacon, there were some pretty major things headed our way from the teams behind Halo. Well, in the weeks that have passed since that update, many of those major things have arrived!


First up: Anvil’s Legacy. And this is a big one.

Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC!
Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs!
Content Browser! Content Browser! Content Browser! Content Browser! Content Browser!

And accompanying those three incredible additions, we have Mercy and Temple, a new Arena and Warzone map, respectively. Plus tons of new and awesome REQs, like Hunter cannons and some sweet weapon skins.


Halo: Fractures- Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon was released on Tuesday! This spiritual successor to the beloved Halo: Evolutions contains several new stories from numerous parts of the current Halo Universe. From the final days of the Forerunner’s war with the Flood all the way to the immediate events of Halo 5: Guardians, these are some stories you won’t want to miss.


And, this Beacon couldn’t be complete without an update from our faithful GrimBrotherOne, who provided us with some valuable information regarding two upcoming goodies.

Smoke & Shadow will be a novella, Envoy will be a full novel.
You heard it on the Archive first. 😉

Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat
Should Cortana be seen as evil?
Halo: Fractures

Dragon Ball
Archive Game: Save or Kill
Halo SFM Posters!


So we have a lot to go over in what is going on inside the Archive!

But unfortunately, a lot of it is still up in the air, so we can’t really say much…

Just know that it involves two sci-fi authors. One of them you all will recognize and the other is a fantastic mind in the knowledge of sci-fi, even though they both are.

We have brought on to the Staff Lord of Admirals as a Community Manager. Due to his length here at the Archive from several site changes and old forums, we knew he was already a great choice. Not only for the team but for the up-coming possibilities. But also note that this possible event does not just involve Staff, but also Archive members who have serious questions and knowledge to bring the the “table”.

Along with this new possibility, we have a new affiliation with the author of Full Circle, Synth Samurai. We welcome you to the Archive family!

The Archive is testing an external live chatbox using Discord. Follow the link HERE to join.
Note: This is just a test to determine popularity, functionality, and impact on the forum. If too many members prefer the current chat/banter threads over it, or forum activity declines because of it, it will be removed. Be sure to voice your opinion!

Lots going on, so be prepared!


Other side notes on what is in the works:

  • Site emails; working on getting secure and set business like emails for the site so then we won’t look as sloppy.
  • Possible site restructure; at the moment it is rather hard to edit and change things on the site (not the forum), so we are looking into a possible restructure for it.
  • More additions to staff; this is not happening soon, but could. Its based on what is “up in the air” right now.
  • STILL LOOKING FOR CONSTRUCTORS! Want to be involved in the creation and management of our site and forum? PM me, Brother Jones, with a short resume on your expertise and past experience. If we plan to change our site we need some help along with it! So join up and bring some ideas to the discussion and lets see what we can create!

Can’t think of anything else to add in and again if there are any questions on what is going on feel free to contact Staff!

-Brother Jones


The World As Made From The Mind’s Eye – Keeping Halo’s Thirty Year Promise
– A thread by the author of Full Circle, a collection of articles entertaining a more academic look at the Halo franchise. This article looks at how 343i and Microsoft might aim to keep the promise of 30 years of Halo.


David Brin and Greg Bear– Now this one is big. It’s not an announcement because it’s still very much in the works, but fellow Community Manager Preston Cole has spilled the beans on one of the Archive’s biggest prospective events. A potential round table Q&A with Sci-Fi writers David Brin and Greg Bear. Read up and stay tuned for further developments!

From our friend IndirectsAchievement:

And from Little-Known Productions:

Now a little something that will be around in every single one of our Beacons, in the “Extras” area. The Halo Podcast Evolved… podcast! Be sure to listen in on all the news that comes out along with their own news that is going on in the Halo community!

Halo Podcast EvolvedEpisode 98.5

Staff Comments

Fractures, the well-anticipated anthology of short stories set in the Halo universe, is due out this week. Please talk up a storm about these wonderful new additions to our beloved universe, whip up some intriguing theories and carefully-crafted analysis of what went down, and most importantly, please be good to your fellow contributors. There are no doubt going to be conflicting viewpoints, accolades and criticism, and so forth, so it’s best to respect and cherish discussion from others instead of pushing it aside with spite.

Stay cordial and keep it clean, loves!


So much to get done still. Get ready for more action in the near future, here at the Halo Archive!

-Brother Jones

Woah, it’s Fall already and there’s a ton of new Halo content out or coming out in the near future.  It’s time to empty your bank accounts, buy all of this Halo content, and get to discussing all of this in the appropriate threads.  If you don’t I’ll have to ban you, and that is much worse than a depleted bank account.

Have fun Halo fangirling, nerds.

Also, lettuce is terrible.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

-Preston Suplexes Covenant Assault Carriers May or May Not Be Dead Cole

Hi everyone,

I’m very happy to have joined the community managers. The induction ceremony was interesting to say the least. For those of you in that XBL Party, it was a real honor. Ellisrael, I’ll never forget what you showed me. For everyone else, we’ve got some cool stuff on the way that I’m not allowed to talk about because I honestly don’t know when we can talk about it. For now, it’s all hush-hush.

You fall as your stresses crack you,

-Lord of Admirals

Hey guys. Things have been going pretty great around here, save for a few bots that needed smashing (though that’s more fun than anything, really). Anyway, I’ve been reading Mythos … if you haven’t checked it out, you should do so (shameless plug) or one of the many Lore threads discussing it around the Archive. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to the Banter Thread: You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

-Mr. Martini

Heya cool-cats, this is your friendly-neighborhood moderator and dispenser of moderation justice, Folder of Fortune! Not to be confused with Wheel of Fortune! We’ve got this amazing new beacon for you all to read, so get to it! And if you’re reading this beacon and you’re not part of the Archive, what are you doin’ with your life?! Sign up already! Also, if you haven’t checked out Mythos yet, do it! It’s great! I don’t have much of a frame of reference since I don’t have it in my possession, but from what I hear, it’s an instant buy, no questions asked!

This has been Folder of Fortune, comin’ at you from the Halo Archive’s moderation team!

Well hello there, beautiful Archivers!

We’ve got a lot in the works for the Archive as it stands. We’re doing more exciting things than ever, and we’ve got a lot in store! We’re also starting on [REDACTED] and also [STAFF EYES ONLY]... What?! Nothing! Well, teasing aside, we really do have countless amazing things in the works and we’re excited to share them with you all in the very, very near future. Until then, stay classy Archive folks!

-Ellisrael <3

You guys will never know what Lord of Admirals had to do to become a community manager.:cortana:



Well, it appears this is the end. It felt good writing a Beacon again, especially knowing how far we’ve come since I published the first one years ago. I’m going to gradually be around the forum more, so feel free to talk or look for assistance. I may be a little rusty, but I’m settling back into things pretty quickly. The Archive is stronger than ever.
The next Beacon will be lit on October 14th. Don’t miss it.


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Can You Smell What The Beacon Is Cooking? – Archive Beacon – September 2, 2016

Can You Smell What The Beacon Is Cooking? – Archive Beacon – September 2, 2016

Light the Bacon Beacon.



Stupendous September to everyone! This time you get me! Brother Jones for this bacon, I mean beacon. Sorry been eating lots of bacon this past week so it’s on my mind :bacon:


 School has started for some members, and that means the summer is coming to a close… But for those who are not going back to school this year, WHOOOOOO! Just kidding, we still have work to go to, so keep the schoolwork and grades up!


Coming up for this beacon we have tons of news and even a giveaway/tournament for a special prize.


We got some new reformations and restructuring for the Advisors of the Archive. Advisors are those who lead each rate, also called Rate Advisors. We also have news on our plans for outsourcing and strengthening our partnerships for future events and endeavors.


Also in this beacon are this months maturations, top On and Off topics in our forums, staff comments, positions of staff, and the return of another staff from a galaxy, far far away.

Main Section


A lot has come out these past few weeks for the Halo universe, like the upcoming update for Halo 5: Guardians, Anvil’s Legacy, which has a lot of new things coming.  Another YUGE announcement comes from GrimBrother One, nonetheless, and it is one of the most glorifying and enticing books to come out for Halo. Halo Mythos…


This official, comprehensive, authoritative guide to the Halo universe, written in collaboration with 343 Industries, the developers of the “Halo” franchise, marks the first time that a book incorporates the entirety of the “Halo” canon, including the games, books, comics, live-action and animated entertainment, and more.

The book also includes over 50 specially commissioned full-color paintings showcasing vehicles, artificial intelligence, weapons, ships, and never-before-seen aspects of Halo environments. The amazing illustrations come from a variety of renowned illustrators, including Jean-Sébastien Rossbach, Leonid Kozienko, Benjamin Carré, Isaac Hannaford, and 343’s internal art team, too.

For the first time ever, the timeline of the Halo universe is available in one place, charting humanity’s battles against alien forces of the Covenant, Forerunners, and the Flood–making this book an absolute must-have for Halo fans.

And is out for pre-order through Amazon and several other outlets.


But not only is it coming out soon, like in a week or so. We HERE at the Halo Archive are having a special tournament of 1v1 Jenga for the winner to receive a free copy of Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo.


Click the link to sign up and join the fun for a fantastic prize!



Now what is in store for us on this next update for Halo 5? Anvil’s Legacy beings us  some new weapons and maps.

Here is ToaFreak from Halo Canon to tell us more…



Along with that update for Halo 5 coming up, we also get a new Halo App for Windows 10 PCs.  Basically a general hub for all your Halo games and apps. But also along the way is the Halo 5: Forge app for Windows too. And for free, September 8th.

On Topic





Off Topic






JSA343 returns to the Archive! One of the Archives oldest staff members comes back from a hiatus of LIFE. Well sort of, he is back to come and hang around but still life comes to bite him in the rear for more attention. Glad to see you again though, good sir! Hope all is well and to see you around more!


Currently our agenda consists of outsourcing and the role for Rate Advisors. Currently staff members have been looking at how to reinvent the role of Rate Advisors and how they play their part in the forums. So, Rate Advisors be aware that your permissions may be taken away along with titles and rank (you will go to your post count rank). But no need to fear! The new system will have some nice toys and buttons along with maybe a shiny badge…who knows!


Outsourcing…sounds nothing what you may be thinking. We are outsourcing in a sense of those with creative drives to help create “select” content. Now what does select mean, well for example right now our YouTube channel right now is a little shy on subs and videos. If you have a good project for the Archive that it’s medium is best in video then we would love for you to put it up on our channel under your credit. So  go ahead and get anything in your mind jotted down and we will announce when we are open for business.



Here are the picks for our five featured members and their content:

We’ll start out with ExuberantWaifuness and their topic on Calling Jul’s faction and other factions “Covenant” was a bad decision. He brings up good points to  why it is confusing for future players of the current games to understand the Covenant structure. But still, is it really that confusing? Join this fresh hot topic for supreme discussion.


Next on our list is DecepticonCobra with his thoughts on Ancient Human Folk Tales (Forum Link).

“An often overlooked element from Halo: Primordium is the the collection of brief human folktales told by Chakas throughout the narrative. Here I collect them and would love to know what meaning any of you might make from them.”


Now, back again, with another supa hot fire topic is Lord of Admirals with the catalog of Halo: Mythos. Join in the conversation and search for new secrets about this infamous book to become published and see if there is anything we know for sure will be included. Lots have been discovered already! What else is there to uncover?


CIA391 is on to something with the Halo Reach Space Radio

“On the mission Long Night of Solace during the first Space segment there is several transmissions being received. These are like the Reach Radios as they have no bearing on the current events you are playing. But they exist. Thus this will be a record of all of them we can hear.”

Join the discussion to find out this new mystery!


Last but not least, from Anton is Where would you take Halo? And being rather straight forward with “If you became the lead writer for the Halo franchise, where would you take the Halo story?”. Along with a list of specific questions to think about and consider if you took on this large role.



The originator of Halo Team Assemble, itisKenway or @HaloTeam343CF on Twitter, is looking for body actors for a machinima. If you are looking for practice or to help out, contact him through these two profiles.

Staff Comments


:cavebob:…. I’m gonna run out of things to say for these …. What if our brains are awful and we can’t think of shit to say every time? Can I bring you a doctor’s excuse?

-Mr Martini

Be sure to get on Xbox so you can have fun on Archive game days.


Well, anyway. *Cracks knuckles*

Happy September, everyone! You’re all awesome!

….That’s, uh, that’s all. I got nothing else.

-Folder of Fortune

Happy September!  As you guys can see, we have changes in the works as well as new projects.  Keep an eye out for updates!

Also, Brother Jones and I are being interviewed by DrizzyDan.  Dan is going to be sharing our interview to get people to check out the Archive.

I think that’s all.  Keep it clean, and come to the Archive game days or I will ban you.

-Supreme Admiral Prestina Coleest of Coles.

Hey! Yeah, it’s me again, for those who remember. And for those who don’t, hi! It’s been a little while, but the rest of the staff has been solid and vigilant, and I’m looking forward to working with them and all of you in the coming future. Keep up the good work!



Kitty Cat – Builder

Perfectly Buoyant – Builder


Well that is all for this beacon. Thank you for reading my “Frankenstein”  of a master piece. I hope you enjoyed it and come around for the next one! Remember the staff is always available for anything and everything (just about, within reason), so don’t be afraid.

Come back for the next beacon, September 23rd!

-Brother Jones :brother:

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Admiral Preston Cole Returns with a Beacon – Archive Beacon – August 12, 2016

Admiral Preston Cole Returns with a Beacon – Archive Beacon – August 12, 2016

Light the Beacon. 


Happy August, Archivers!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their end of summer and looking forward to heading back to school for those younglings that still do that (haha!).  We have a couple of things to talk about this time around.  Superlatives have finally arrived, there is a new moderator rank on the forums, maturations are a part of Beacons now, we’ve got a sneak peak into staff, and much more.  Let’s jump right in.

 Main Section

The winners of the Archive Superlatives are finally here.  Technology has finally cooperated.  These members will live on in fame or infamy forever.  Here are your winners:


Most likely to get banned for Memeing: Preston Cole


Most Likely to Secretly be a Celebrity: GrimBrotherOne


Most likely to Spartan Charge a teammate into terrible situations: Ellisrael


Most obnoxious Halo player: Ellisrael


Best Preston Cole: Brother Jones


Most Bodacious: TR-8R


Most likely to break the Archive: lizking10152011


Best Halo Archive Writer: She Sangheili


Best Emergency Replacement for Gob: Brother Jones


The Most Likely to be a Mouth Breather through the Mic: Adopter of Knowledge


Most Grammar Nazi: Will


Most likely to get banned on Xbox Live: Brother Jones


Most likely to get their prompt turned into porn by She Sangheili: StellarStateLogic


Best Builder: She Sangheili


Best Lifeworker: StellarStateLogic


Best Warrior: Anirudh07


Best Miner: CIA391


Best Juridical: Logan


Most likely to give others a lift when they are feeling down: Hurrying Candy


Best Halo Player: WRGGuntDevil


Worst Halo Player: Brother Jones


Most likely to ground pound anyone to oblivion: Erickyboo

 On Topic

 Canon Fodder

Halo 6 Story Discussion/Speculation

Halo Wars 2

Off Topic


Anime Thread

No Man’s Sky: An Infinite Space Exploration Game


As many of you seem to have heard, a new moderator title has been added to the fold.  This rank is known as “Prefect” and can be identified by the light blue name text.

The purpose of the rank is to maintain a healthy amount of moderators and staff members.  Prefect is a rank reserved for less active moderators and staff who we believe should still maintain their power in case there are emergencies (spam bots would be an example).  It never hurts to have enough people who can aid in maintaining the site and keeping an eye out for anything that would make the Archive look bad. They’re also kind of like community leaders in a sense. Think multi-role!


What—Where am I? Oh snap, it’s a beacon folks! Well, we’ve got something extra, extra special going on. Before we go into absolute overdrive in staff the next coming months, we want to give everyone a peak into staff chat and what we’ve been working on, presented by yours truly, sexy monster Ellisrael.


First off, let’s talk about Reclaimer memberships. If you’re not aware, these memberships are the best. You get no advertisements on the site, you get a choice of colored text, a personal chat lounge, and more (It’s only $10 a year as well!)! Well, we decided to work on organizing the Reclaimer memberships, which was our first goal.

We successfully created a very hefty sheet to finalize all of our Reclaimer memberships. This took a lot of tracking people down, surveying them about their memberships and asking what was up. It took two pages of talking stuff out to make sure everything was in order. Lots and lots of work went into it.

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Second, we’ve got the Beacons, one of which you are reading right now. These took a fair amount of brainstorming, revising, and staff meetings. Ultimately they’re here and they’ve been doing great. Cheers!


Third, we decided to add more staff members to tackle the upcoming tasks staff will have to handle. With more helping hands and more time on the Community Manager’s hands, it seems to have been a great call and we’re bringing more than ever to the table because of it.


Fourth, we decided to work on adding a new rank to staff, the Prefects. More on that in the announcements section!


Finally, we’re working on Archive emailing. We’re separating and migrating all of our accounts and info for added security, organization, and more. It’s going to be a huge challenge and lots of time and work has been and will be put into it, but we’re still going strong and we don’t intend for that to change.


We’ve got staff meetings to initialize and finish these projects, which are working great. We block off hours of our day for this stuff, and let me tell you, we love doing it. We want to and can make something of this.


This all has an end goal guys. We want to provide the best platform for you all possible. We hope to, no, we WILL, eventually tackle issues outside of these organizational and internal things. This is going to spread to the rest of the community. And great things will come to it. All of staff sees it, and eventually you guys will as well.

As usual, we’ve also got five featured members and their works! There’s so much cool stuff this time around!:


Halo: Legends Japanese Blu-Ray Special/First Edition (Unboxing) by StellarStateLogic – Stellar got her hands on a really cool Japanese Halo: Legends Special Edition! She unboxed it and everything, it’s really cool, check it out!


I skimmed through my Halo 5 art book and pulled out what I felt was interesting by itisKenway – Kenway pulled some really cool stuff out of the Halo 5 art book he found interesting. It provides some really cool insight!


Halo 5 Beta Menu UI designs and Design of Spartan Abilities by DARK REIGN12 – An inside look into the early development of Halo 5’s menus and new Spartan abilities.


Halo: Ground Command – LoreThe Power of a CAS-Class Assault Carrier, and Halo: Fleet Battles – Lore by Lord of Admirals – Some very cool and interesting background on Halo: Ground Command, Halo: Fleet Battles, and analyzing the CAS-Class Assault Carrier. This stuff is really lengthy and in-depth. We absolutely love it because of how much work was put into this. Great job!


Promethean Knight Awareness? by Drof497 – Analyzing what being a Promethean Knight truly means, and what was actually taken away from them. Do they have feelings? Do they want to do what they are doing? How does this tie in with Cortana using slaves for her conquest of restoring the Mantle?


Some people also need help with stuff!


Check out Valkyrie 497‘s story, he needs help writing Black-Box in his story and will credit any and all who help!


Ever heard of Sins of the Prophets? Of course you have! Unikraken and friends need help with voice actors. Check it out!


Lastly, check out OG Halo. These guys are a really funny and cool group of guys, and are willing to help anyone. They’ve got a discord chat for teaming up and destroying people in ranked, play Warzone, whatever! They’re really cool guys!


I’ve taken up enough time here, back to you Cole!

Staff Comments


Someday soon my friends. This ride will come to an end. And we can’t just get in line again.

     Addition: We plan to make this community something. Something where our voices and (hopefully) be intertwined with the makers of this universe and other communities along the way. To be a place to learn everything about Halo and have some fun in games, movies/videos, music, and other outlets that enrich the Halo Universe. Yes this has always been the plan, but we promise to make this statement loud and clear within a small time frame. So stick around.

-Brother Jones

     Happy Beacon Everybody. I’m going to keep this brief as I’m a little under the weather, but–as others have stated–we’ve got a lot of big things in the works.  A lot of exciting and interesting endeavors.  So keep an eye out and follow closely. Have a good weekend everyone.

-Mr Martini

     Happy Beacon! We’ve got some new stuff we’re working on that we’re excited to unveil when they get finished. And don’t miss out on Halo Wars 2 in February. Every bit of information about it just adds to the hype train.

Happy August, everyone!

-Folder of Fortune, future dictator democratically elected ruler of the Archive

Go watch Bojack Horseman.


Beacon day? WHAT YEAR IS IT?

     It’s August, and you know what that means: massive amounts of entertainment to absorb and then rush onto Archive to discuss! Maybe some music? Maybe the greatest scifi drama ever right now: Stranger Things? Or maybe you can tumble down the rabbit hole of Halo 1/2-like hype and discussion with No Man’s Sky. The world, nay, the universe is your oyster. Trust in me as your atlas and I will show you the way!

– SlayBells, your totally biologically human moderator; promise.

Sappy Beacon everyone. I’m still having a festival hangover (literally and figuratively) and getting back into the swing of this whole ‘Halo Archive’ thing. 

Also as I’m typing this up my dog has an upset stomach and is crying :(” 


     Badda bing badda boom. When I kick open the door, they all look at me. Even if I don’t try that hard all the guys get nosebleeds. A toast for me right now. Hands up, in my hands there’s a bottle full o’ Henny. The girl you’ve always heard about, that’s me, Jennie.

Stay cordial and keep it clean, loves!



This is going to be a small list because we did Maturations not even two weeks ago and they’re now in the Beacon. We’ll make the most of it!

@Benijam – Warrior

@Ambr8978 – Builder




     As the summer winds down, please remember that you should never hesitate to contact a moderator or staff member with any questions, concerns, etc.  We are always looking for ways to improve your experience on the Archive and feedback is a necessary way to know how to do that.

You can look forward to the next Beacon on Friday, September 2nd.

Thanks all.  Keep up the good work.

-Admiral Papa Swole Cole

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