Halo Archive Affiliates

The Halo Archive community wants Halo fans and organizations from all over the world to be connected and intervene in ways it has not before. We are always looking for more communities and Halo fans to work with as we try to bring the Halo community together. If you have a forum, community of some sort or podcast/blog us at!

Podcast Evolved

Podcast Evolved is the Halo podcast from the Rated M Gaming Network dedicated to covering the latest Halo news, events, and more. With a focus on lore and exploring the Halo Universe, Evolved is your weekly dose of Halo discussion! To […]

Halo Fan For Life is a Halo blog created to bring all sorts of news and information from around the Haloverse. From current Halo games to Halo merchandise, the Spirit of Fire podcast, novel and book reviews and everywhere in-between, ‘HFFL’, as it’s […]

Haruspis Blog

HARUSPIS – community member Chronarch’s blog for Halo theories and analyses.

Halo Canon

Halo Canon is a channel dedicated to in-depth analysis of Halo’s Lore and expanded universe. Along with covering all the new additions to the ever expanding Halo library, Halo Canon endeavors to bring new fans into the fold with  series like […] is a French platform dedicated to Halo! Providing a news website, a dedicated Wiki, Forums, a Youtube channel and more… : La référence francophone sur Halo.

Halo Swallower

Your -1th source for Halo satire   HaloSwallower is a Halo parody website dedicated to offering you entirely satiric news and theories about the Halo. We exist not only for entertainment, but also for activism. Our satire is written for […]

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