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Halo Canon

One of the most influential and in-depth Halo YouTube channels. Covering lore, unboxings, canon fodder discussions and more.


The complete, correct and calculated online encyclopedia for the Halo universe.


Hello, I see you’ve stumbled upon this ‘about’ part of the blog where I’m supposed to provide some information about myself for you.

Long story short: I’m an aspiring teacher and writer who cares far too much about fictional universes.

Hidden Xperia

I’m a fan of everything Halo, and love making videos around the future of the Halo universe!

I hope you enjoy my channel and all the hard work and effort i put into it 🙂 Please subscribe as well as this helps me a lot!

Podcast Evolved

Your favorite Halo Lore Podcast! Join Aaron, David, Krysta and Oran every week! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and Facebook. Evolved!

343i Community Forums

We are NOT 343 Industries and we have no official association with them. Official Twitter of 343i Community Forum – a fan forum. Lovers of the Halo Community.

Halo Team Assemble

We bring the community together through exploration and discovery in the Halo universe through all lenses.

Progressive Halo

To categorize our work would be to categorize the work of the Forerunners- a task too great for any individual of an organic nature.
Instead, focus on our message. Our community lays not in ruin, nor the game burnt to a Hurgarok’s husk. We are the many, the players, those that bear Halo’s Mantle, not of responsibility, but of faith. Those that continue to enjoy, no matter the content. Those that would not see the naysayers silenced for it is their right to say nay.

We exist to give voice, as we have been voiced by those that came before.

We are the voice of the many. Together, we can’t be silenced.

Halo Fan For Life 

I’ve got tons of experience with Halo gaming and collecting. I think I have something to offer to the greater Halo fan community.

As far as the games go, I’ve played Halo 3 since it came out until Reach was released. I loved Halo3: ODST and though it was underrated by many. I love Halo Reach and am already an Inheritor, having attained that rank in July, 2011. Of course I played Halo:CE and Halo 2.

Full Circle

A Halo fan since the beginning, 2001. Also a games industry consultant, writer, and educator. These are my thoughts, praise and advice concerning the past, present and future narrative of the Halo franchise.

Posts are on a bi-weekly cycle, with shorter or longer gaps in-between. is the first french Halo fan site.

Containing thousands of pages, the daily news on all topics;  universe, news, esports and finally a forum allowing you to chat with everyone!


The ultimate, and one of the longest running, Halo fan site.

Indirects Achievement

Whats up Everbody Indirect is here to give you guys Top Tens, Walkthrough, Achievement, Commentaries and More!

Termacious Trickocity

Termacious Trickocity is a group of avid gamers who have been tricking video games, mainly the Halo series, for many years now. Tricking strong for 5 years now, this group seeks to do the impossible. Whether it’s using explosives to blast their way to tall buildings and mountains, brute forcing their way into unexplored rooms, or even just gathering hundreds of vehicles or AI in a single spot, Termacious is tenacious at these tasks.

Sins of the Prophets

An award winning Halo total conversion mod for the RTS Sins of a Solar Empire, that aims to capture the fast paced intensity of the Halo series in space combat.