Absolute Record

Absolute Record Halo –¬†Our Absolute Record is a repository of Halo information, be it a real-life developer interview or an in-universe ONI report. This repository aims to be a definitive resource for Halo-related items spanning the breadth of the franchise, for use in referencing material or just general browsing. The Absolute Record is split into three main parts:


Ref Repository

Reference Repository

A repository of a variety of in-universe items, and archives of both Bungie and 343i material. The Reference Repository also contains transcripts of various important pieces of Halo media, including the adjuncts from the original book trilogy’s reprints and Halo 2‘s Conversations from the Universe.



Library Adjunct

The Library Adjunct contains trailers, discussion panels, video documentaries and contemporary posts relating to the development of various pieces of Halo media.




Developer Interviews

As the title suggests, Developer Interviews contains a comprehensive list of interviews from various people associated with the Halo franchise.



Below is a repository of all Halo developer interviews, Halo cutscenes and Halo trailers as we index all of it under the Absolute Record playlist on our YouTube.