This installation’s primary purpose is to be an Archive of the vast and expansive universe known as Halo. Throughout the Halo franchise’s history, there have been numerous interviews, articles, and other records. Unfortunately, as Living Time pressed on – and the fact that these records and sources aren’t widely known about – some are in danger of being lost. The Archive is a vast repository for all of these various sources of Halo lore; from Pre-Halo CE to anything current day information. Concepts, ideas, characters, and more are stored in our massive Archives, with even more to be cataloged. The Maintenance of Information is not the Archive’s only responsibility, however. The Halo Archive is a community. It is a place for story lovers from across the galaxy to meet, discuss, debate, and contribute. Archivers strive to learn and express what knowledge has been absorbed about our passions and endeavors – chiefly the Halo franchise. The Halo Archive forums are the place to do just that.

The Halo Archive Forum is our Halo community where users can intelligently ponder the lore of any universe without worry. No fear of negligible-bans, judgment, or hesitation. While the primary focus of the Archive is Halo – and always will be – the Forums are a place where friends can relax; all the while asking the “whys and hows” of our favorite universes. Many friends have come, left, and been found again. Even if they lost interest in the lore some still check in and express wonder at a new update they missed or just come for a chat.

Not only is discussion and the indexing of the Halo Universe’s vast knowledge stored in the Archive, it is also a place where communities come to rejoice. The Archive is a proud partner and affiliate with many other communities/blogs/YouTube channels for one main reason: To bring Halo fans together. Check out our partners page where we will consistently update it with information and creations from our friends.

So join and get involved. Talk about the recent additions to the lore, or updates to matchmaking. Post the pictures you drew of Javik, the latest 10,000 character Fan-Fiction you wrote or get lore help for the game you are designing. Be a part of the community that is known but still hides in the dark….For that is where we abide…