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Latest Blogs & News

Fire Withstanding – Archive Beacon – March 26th, 2017

Light the Beacon Introduction A new day, a new Beacon arrives at our doorstep! A very fiery one to be precise. Hello again from your beloved - or hated - kinda usual typist...

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We’ve Got Contacts Incoming! – Archive Beacon – February 24th, 2017

Light the Beacon Introduction Welcome to another issue of the Archive Beacon guys! Yes, this is me, HaruspexOfHell again! Hold out your cheers - or potential booing. - we've got ourselves a...

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Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Smoke and Shadow

Usually my reading journals are split into three sections: the style of the novel, its place in the science fiction genre, and how it connects to the expanded universe of Halo. Any deviation from...

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A Roman In Blue; Chapter 3 – A Halo Short Story

CHAPTER 3 Above a Home JULY 15TH, 2531 13:50 HOURS ARRIVING ON DESTINATION ECTANUS 45 Aiken stood on the bridge, waiting for the captain as he ran a few orders through his subordinates. He was...

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We Have Lift Off – Archive Beacon – February 3rd, 2017

Light the Beacon. Introduction Hello again! *crickets* Glad to see so many of you back! This Beacon we have a ton of new Halo news for you from our affiliates and from us as well! From us,...

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A Roman In Blue; Chapter 2 – A Halo Short Story

CHAPTER 2 Vortexes MAY 20TH, 2531 04:00 HOURS SLIPSPACE VORTEX; DESTINATION ECTANUS 45. There was a sharp breath, the hiss of compressed, cold air in the background as the Specialist fell from...

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A Roman In Blue; Chapter 1 – A Halo Short Story

Would like to take a moment before I start, to provide thanks to those who helped, provided inspiration and made this story a reality for me. WulfwoodSins on Twitter for helping me out greatly with...

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Looking Ahead: A New Year – Archive Beacon – January 13th, 2017

Light the Beacon. Introduction And so, 2016 comes to an end. For Halo, it's been a pretty big year, with much of its hype and focus continuing on into 2017. But here, I'd like to talk about...

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A Heavy Price Paid – A Halo Poem

A Heavy Price Paid - A Poem Dedicated to those who Survived the Flood. Shaky breaths, over and over, as the sounds of agony, filled his mind, Oh, thou, broken fellow whom survived the...

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Wars Reminiscent – Archive Beacon – December 23rd, 2016

Light the Beacon.  Introduction Hello, everyone! The FNG here speaking; HaruspexOfHell, accompanied by Jones! It's been three weeks since the last Beacon and my last contribution to it,...

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