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Cortana Approaches, The Mantle Returns.

Halo 4 had a dramatic impact on the lore community with a formal introduction of a living Forerunner not only that,The Didact himself.  The final journey of Chief and Cortana had the pair hunting...

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Halo Sheet Music – Update 2

Welcome to the second update to the Halo Sheet Music on the Halo Archive!   Halo Reach Original Soundtrack Sheet Music: With this update, the Sheet Music of Disc 2 is added, and Halo...

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Shadow of Intent Header

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Shadow of Intent

Discussing the style of Shadow of Intent could almost be a copy-paste of Contact Harvest’s breakdown. Staten’s cinematic flair, the introspective pace, the nuggets of foreshadowing,...

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welcoming gesture header

Halo 5: A Welcoming Gesture

Spoiler-Free A while back I wrote a post defending William C. Dietz’s The Flood. While the majority of the piece was discussing the novel’s contributions to the lore’s canon, I chose to end...

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who deserves header

Halo 5: Who Deserves Resolution?

Here Be Halo 5 Spoilers - You Have Been Warned   There has been a complaint scattered across the fandom upon the release of Halo 5 Guardians regarding the ending. It is not the most...

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Halo 5 Campaign Review: The Good, The Bad and The Confusing

*Spoilers* Halo 5 Guardians is said to be the largest Halo ever by it's own developers, 343 Industries...but does that make it the best? Let's dive into my personal Halo 5 Campaign review...

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Sanghelios Home Header

Halo 5: When Sanghelios Feels Like Home

Here Be Halo 5 Spoilers – You Have Been Warned   It’s through Locke’s visor, watching Locke’s feet, by which I first land on Sanghelios’ soil. The water of the river rises...

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Mortal Dictata Header

Halo’s Place in Our World – Mortal Dictata

Mortal Dictata - Karen Traviss There is plenty of things that can be discussed from the book Mortal Dictata, but I want to focus on a particular topic that this book and this entire franchise has...

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Halo Sheet Music – Update 1

Hello and welcome to the first Halo Sheet Music post on The Halo Archive! First a little backstory: Back in 2007 I was trying to figure out how to play “Unforgotten” from Halo 2 with less than 1 year worth of piano lessons as experience. As you can imagine, that didn’t go so well. I ended...

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Beacon 3

Halo Archive Beacon — 10.9.15

Light The Beacon It's October. That's important for a couple reasons. The most prominent of which may be that we are now officially in the month of Halo 5: Guardians' release! New info continues to...

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