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Archive Beacon – 7.3.15

Back Again And now, it is time for another Archive Beacon. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, our loving Beacon writer, Andycu5, could not lend his writing skills today. As a result, it is JSA343 here, with Gob in the background, here READ MORE

E3 Arbiter Header

The Arbiter’s Role in Halo 5: Guardians – A Symbol of the Galaxy’s Potential

It has been clear from E3 2014 when we first heard Keith David’s voice coming over our speakers and headphones, that Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam would be making his return in Halo 5: Guardians. Of course there was speculation everywhere about how READ MORE

All the consoles

Win a Halo Xbox One Console at San Diego Comic-Con!

Good day Archivers! Xbox wire has announced that at the San Diego Comic-Con fans will possible be able to win a custom Halo Xbox One Console! There are many other versions also up for grabs at the event. (GIVE ME THE FORZA READ MORE

Contact Harvest Header

Halo’s Place In Science Fiction – Contact Harvest

Contact Harvest by Joseph Staten Through a misunderstanding of their scriptures, the Covenant discover humanity and view them with ill intent. A barely-trained militia and two marines are the only things that stand between the civilians of the colony Harvest and READ MORE


Halo Warzone Q & A With Josh Holmes

Two weeks ago at this year’s E3 press conference, 343 Industries showed off an all new Halo Gametype, Halo Warzone, to the world. Halo Warzone is a 24 player game mode in which the two teams  fight and compete to take READ MORE


What is the Warden Eternal?

*This post is being used as a way to brainstorm and spark discussion in the Halo community, not necessarily state who or what the Warden Eternal is; although the goal would be to eventually do so by presenting as much READ MORE

Hunters in the Dark Header

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Hunters in the Dark

Hunters in the Dark by Peter David The Halos have been activated, apparently from the damaged Ark itself. In a desperate effort to save all life in the galaxy, a team of Sangheili and human forces must push past old READ MORE


Halo E3 2015 Recap

343 Industries has been working on Halo 5 Guardians for roughly 3 years now, and as we get closer to the eventual release date on October 27th, 2015, 343i has made sure that fans are hyped as ever for the new READ MORE


Know Your Tool: Automatics

Lets take some time to look at our Spray and Pray tools. Every noobs favorite! If used properly, these weapons can get your opponent off balanced giving you the upper hand. MA5B Assault Rifle The Misriah Armory created the MA5B Assault READ MORE


Archive Writing Event is COMPLETE!

Four weeks ago (maybe five), we announced to you all that on June 1-14, we’d host our FIRST community writing event for Archiver’s to face-off their writing prowess, armed with creative thought, in an wens of words. With the submission READ MORE

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