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The Memories – Archive Beacon – September 23, 2016

Light the Beacon. Introduction Afternoon, Archive. First of all, yes, you're reading this correctly.  It's me, JSA343. The Beacons are mine again! Or, rather, the rest of the...

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Can You Smell What The Beacon Is Cooking? – Archive Beacon – September 2, 2016

Light the Bacon Beacon. Introduction   Stupendous September to everyone! This time you get me! Brother Jones for this bacon, I mean beacon. Sorry been eating lots of bacon this past...

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Osiris Header

The Heart of Halo 5: Fireteam Osiris

“If you don’t have those quiet little human stories, it doesn’t matter how many planets you blow up, nobody’s gonna care.” This is a quote from the Halo 5 ViDoc, released by IGN back in...

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Cortana Halo 5 Antagonist

On Canon, the Created, and Cortana

The Created have sparked a lot of discussion since Halo 5’s release, much of it polarizing. With this essay, I want to examine where the Created fits within the canon – and fit it does – as...

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Cortana Forward Unto Dawn Rampancy

Fictional Agency and the Lack Thereof

Disclaimer: I have spent the last 6+ years dealing with anxiety and depression. Symptoms include dissociation, suicidal thoughts, and mood swings; the severity of which is dependent on some invisible...

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cortana halo 3 lying down

Curing or Coffin? Why not Coping? – A Third Option for Cortana

(DISCLAIMER: While I am also diagnosed with depression and both generalized and social anxiety, my main perspective in this comes from having been  diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity...

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cole 2

Admiral Preston Cole Returns with a Beacon – Archive Beacon – August 12, 2016

Light the Beacon.  Introduction Happy August, Archivers!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their end of summer and looking forward to heading back to school for those younglings that...

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cole 2

One Final Effort – Archive Beacon – 22 July 2016

The Beacon has been lit once again.   One Final Effort Archive Beacon 22 July 2016   Introduction It’s been a long time coming, baby! Welcome back to the tri-weekly...

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Palmer SFC Header

Sarah Palmer: Strong Female Character (TM)

Sarah Palmer is a lot of things - loyal, hypocritical, problematic – and whether intentional or not, Sarah Palmer is also a deconstruction. Sarah Palmer embodies much of the Strong Female...

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Halo Sheet Music Collection

Halo Sheet Music: Scores of Halo – Halo CE Version 2

Halo Sheet Music:  Scores of Halo - Halo CE Version 2 For the main Scores of Halo post on the Halo Combat Evolved Sheet Music. Please go Here - This "Stuff" Is Your History. It...

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