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Who is FERO in Hunt the Truth?

So here we are nine episodes into the Halo advertising/arg campaign: Hunt the Truth. Nine weeks ago Halo fans everywhere sat and listened to the Primer episode, frantically trying to understand what we were about to hear…what we were about to uncover. And READ MORE


Know your Tool: BR55

Our member Revo, a blog author from Noble eSports, has created this fascinating piece on the BR55. (For those of you who aren’t lore experts, it’s the Battle Rifle from Halo 2)   Ever since the UNSC Marine Corps history READ MORE

Death Record

Hunt the Truth – Revolvers, Glassed Planets, & Journalism

“Every shred of journalistic integrity I had left was about to go out the window.”    (HUNT the TRUTH, episode 9). At the risk of being cynical, one has to ask how much of a sacrifice was journalistic integrity for READ MORE


Hunt the Truth Episode 9

A new report surfaces about a Spartan abductee, but there’s no time to check the facts. FERO is missing, and the Senate meeting is about to begin.   *Spoilers Below*  So during Episode 8 we learn our first true fact READ MORE


Halo Archive Beacon — 5.22.15

Light the Beacon   Greetings, my loyal peasants. Today, as you may be aware, is May 22, 2015. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I’m reeking with excitement for the end of my senior year, which is READ MORE


Halo: Hunters in the Dark PREVIEW Released!

If you’re looking to pre a view, you’ve came to the right place. In fact, as of (I think) yesterday, the first chapter of Halo: Hunters in the Dark has been released into Amazon! Here is the Halo: Hunters in the READ MORE


Forum Maintenance Ocuring on 23/5/15

Ah, this is a little bit awkward, I must admit. (Like, how could Another Locust do this to us?) In a nutshell, here’s what’ll happen. Around 12:00 this Saturday, the Halo Archive Forum will be down for maintenance for a READ MORE

HW Header

Cortana’s Weakness

In the reading journal of The Flood [x], I noted that the creature/plague of the same name works as horror on three levels: intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Silentium provides the first and The Flood provides the last, with the short story READ MORE


Hunt The Truth Episode 8

FERO drops a bomb that ripples throughout human-occupied space, calling the Master Chief’s allegiances into question. Did the Master Chief do that? Or are there more nefarious elements at play? – Benjamin Giraud Listen above to Hunt the Truth Episode READ MORE


New Halo Master Chief Collection Map: Remnant

Hello Archivers! Today we are going over this week’s Canon Fodder that was released on Halo Waypoint early this morning. Grim let us know we are getting some extra map lore on the soon to be released map, Remnant. For READ MORE

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