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Halo 5 Guardians Console Edition Confirmed

If you’re someone in need of your own Xbox One, and if you were waiting for a Halo 5 Guardians console edition before shelling out the necessary funds (like myself), you’re in luck! Because… During a conversation on Twitter last READ MORE


Hunt The Truth Episode 5

UPDATE: The images are making a puzzle of the poster/cover art for Halo 5 Guardians (assumed) and maybe more. Below are the pieces connected so far by the community, more specifically Chief Canuck:   UPDATE: The following has been debunked by READ MORE


Archive Beacon — 4.24.15

Greetings Archivers. Normally, we try to start each beacon off with a cheesy, generic, Flood-spore ridden introduction paragraph. However, things are going to change this time and we’re going to pull off an insurrection and instead—yes, instead—start with a not-cheesy, READ MORE


The Halo Archive App

On behalf of the Forgery, I am proud to announce the official Halo Archive App, coming to Android devices in the near future. The app will be the definitive Archive experience wrapped into one unified bundle-of-fun user interface, complete with Google’s READ MORE

First Strike Header

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – First Strike

First Strike (The Definitive Edition) by Eric Nylund Alpha Halo was not the end of the war. The Covenant continue their genocidal campaign, the Master Chief, Cortana, and a team of survivors must race to Earth and stop the Covenant’s advance. This READ MORE


Halo 5 Guardians Trailer (Gamestop)

Well it looks like we received our first real look at Locke in Spartan armor, and I must say he looks like a worthy adversary for Chief…should it ever come to that. Before we begin analyzing the new Halo 5 READ MORE


Hunt The Truth Episode 4

Here we are for another episode of  #Hunt the Truth Episode 4. Our forum was creative this week with some interesting finds and interpretations: Our member CIA391 posted this as well, crediting Section 3: Well some discoveries regarding the Twitter READ MORE


Podcast Evolved Episode 40

Episode 40 – Halo 5 Story Rampant Speculation APRIL 12, 2015 BY DAVID ARNOLD IN PODCAST Welcome to Podcast Evolved Spartans! Your favorite Halo podcast! This week David hosts for the first time and is joined by Aaron and Krysta. READ MORE

The Flood Header

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – The Flood

The Flood (The Definitive Edition) by William C. Dietz Here lie the events that will change the universe as we know it. This novel not only chronicles the events of Combat Evolved but also fills in details of the characters READ MORE

tumblr_nmin57q0v31uokpa1o1_1280 (1)

Hunt The Truth Episode 3

This is a photo I shot on a previous assignment. But it never saw the light of day because it didn’t pass UNSC standards. Very few got to see a planet firsthand after a Covenant glassing. To look out over READ MORE

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